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Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degree Programs

Our graduate programs are designed to arm you with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills demanded by today’s employers. Field-tested, employer vetted, and designed by experts in the industry, our programs put you ahead of the curve.

Young accountant wearing a suit in classroom.

Business Administration Doctorate

Serves experienced professionals who may be considering careers in academia, consulting, or in advanced professional positions.

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Cyber Security grid.

Business Cybersecurity Management M.S.

Designed to equip the motivated student with the toolkit to engage, lead, and own the cybersecurity business career path, where professionals are in demand.

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Pen sitting on top of charts and graphs.

Business Data Analytics M.S.

Graduates are qualified to answer the industry’s demand for a skilled pool of professionals who can apply data science to solve business challenges.

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Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor listening to someone talk.

Counseling M.S. with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The clinical mental health counseling specialization prepares students in individual and group counseling with a diverse population across a wide scope of developmental stages and backgrounds in various community settings such as correctional facilities, treatment centers, mental health agencies, etc.

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Business woman standing at a podium speaking to an audience.

Communication Studies M.A.

Creates leaders who can communicate strategically with a diverse audience with strong organizational, interpersonal, critical-thinking, and written communication skills.

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Data marketing specialist laughing in an office.

Data Marketing Communications M.S.

Work with industry leaders to acquire skills focusing on the strategic use of data in marketing communications and making data available to marketers to better understand audience habits and motivations.

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Adam Payne presenting at a conference.

Digital Marketing Communications M.S.

Gives you the strategy and skills to use existing and emerging media channels to reach audiences by building dialogue and community around a brand or organization and providing long-term value.

Read More about Digital Marketing Communications M.S.

WVU nursing student in a classroom.

Doctor of Philosophy In Nursing

Educates nurse scholar-scientists for careers in research, teaching, and service and prepares them to assume leadership roles.

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Digital chart on a computer screen.

Economics M.S.

Graduates are high-level quantitative economists with the ability to analyze complex policy issues using modern data analysis and econometric methods.

Read More about Economics M.S.

Engineering manager working in a plant.

Engineering Management M.S.

Develop the leadership skills necessary to address contemporary professional challenges and solve complex operational problems related to large engineering projects.

Read More about Engineering Management M.S.

Coach and student athletes posing with NCAA trophies.

Executive Sport Management M.S.

Prepare to work behind the scenes of the sport industry, equipped with skills in leadership and management, sport marketing and finance, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Read More about Executive Sport Management M.S.

Forensic students listening to instructor in class.

Forensic and Fraud Examination M.S.

Learn how to uncover and prove financial crimes by businesses and employees, using real-world experience and an interdisciplinary skill set which covers business, law, cost accounting, taxation, and data technology.

Read More about Forensic and Fraud Examination M.S.

Young man at his computer working on a video game.

Game Design M.A.

For emerging game designers who would like to expand and build upon their conceptual, production, and project management skills, as well as to further their professional credentials.

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Elevation model of an excavation site with steep rock walls.

Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis M.S.

Become professionally trained in geospatial technologies through a program that incorporates predictive modeling, spatial hydrology, remote sensing, data science and analytics, and more.

Read More about Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis M.S.

PhD students from the School of Public Health.

Health Administration MHA

Focuses on the organization, delivery and management of healthcare and public health systems and services, to equip graduates with the skills and insight needed to lead in a variety of healthcare settings.

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Business diagram and chart in a medical field.

Healthcare MBA

Take on leadership roles in the healthcare industry by learning to manage diverse teams, successfully navigate the business of healthcare, lead across challenging transitions, and provide innovative solutions.

Read More about Healthcare MBA

Human resource manager speaking with a client.

Human Resource Leadership M.S.

Graduates possess advanced professional knowledge, data-driven decision-making skills, and leadership capabilities, positioning them to compete in a growing market.

Read More about Human Resource Leadership M.S.

Young woman wearing VR headset at the Integrate Conference.

Integrated Marketing Communications M.S.

A flexible program that allows you to create your ideal educational experience, with more than 25 electives to choose from and specializations in areas such as digital and social media and creative strategy.

Read More about Integrated Marketing Communications M.S.

School teaching with a young student.

Literacy Education M.A. With Reading Specialist Certification

A professional graduate program that leads to pre-K through adult reading specialist certification in West Virginia.

Read More about Literacy Education M.A. With Reading Specialist Certification

Online MBA student engaged in a discussion.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Accredited, affordable and unique, this Carnegie Research Level 1 (R1) MBA program is forging new paths for students via experiential learning projects, consultative engagements and entrepreneurial thinking.

Read More about Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MPH students having a discussion at a table.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

The MPH degree with an emphasis in Public Health Practice and Leadership (PHPL) is focused on examining social and political systems that influence the health status of populations and then learning how to influence and/or design, implement, and manage broad, system-level instruments to improve population health outcomes.

Read More about Master of Public Health (MPH)

Nursing instructing performing an instructional session with WVU nurses.

Master of Science in Nursing

Baccalaureate-prepared nurses can earn a master's degree on a part-time or full-time basis, with a specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Student and Professor looking over photographs.

Media Solutions and Innovation M.S.

Prepares graduates to become media strategists and futurists who can function as change agents and adaptive leaders within the industry to address some of the most challenging media problems.

Read More about Media Solutions and Innovation M.S.

A group of WVU engineers looking at machinery.

Midstream Petroleum Engineering M.S.

With midstream petroleum engineering, you're at the heart of the action, managing the vital processes that transport, store, and distribute oil and gas resources.

Read More about Midstream Petroleum Engineering M.S.

Large crowd at a music concert.

Music Business and Industry M.A.

An integrated and methodical approach to understanding the mastery of current music industry systems and commercial practices, combined with awareness of new regulations, income streams, and business models.

Read More about Music Business and Industry M.A.

West Virginia University Nursing patch on the sleeve of a nurse.

Nursing, Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Graduates develop a blend of clinical, leadership, economic, and organizational skills that prepare them to practice at the highest level of professional nursing.

Read More about Nursing, Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Female inspector looking at a fuse box.

Occupational Safety and Health, Ph.D.

The online Occupational Safety and Health Ph.D. program is designed for students/professionals who aspire to advance their knowledge, research potential, and overall expertise to be able to tackle research and development opportunities in academia, consulting, or high-level industry positions.

Read More about Occupational Safety and Health, Ph.D.

Young girl in elementary crawling through an obstacle course.

Physical Education Teacher Education M.S.

Helps teachers gain the skills necessary to design and implement comprehensive school activity programs, creating evidence-based curriculum and instructional models in physical education and sport.

Read More about Physical Education Teacher Education M.S.

Young woman working on her laptop at a desk.

Population Health M.S.

Prepares students for a variety of population-oriented leadership, clinical, and research-oriented positions in both healthcare and public health organizations.

Read More about Population Health M.S.

Landscape drawing by architect.

Resource Economics and Management M.S.

Provides advanced training in the areas of natural resource, environmental, agricultural, mineral, energy, agribusiness, international, and rural development economics.

Read More about Resource Economics and Management M.S.

Firefighter putting on mask.

Safety Management M.S.

Graduates have the skills to help companies follow state and federal regulations, while designing programs to prevent disease, injury, or damage to the environment.

Read More about Safety Management M.S.

Social worker with MSW doing a home visit with a client.

Social Work MSW – Advanced Standing

Prepares graduates to be well-rounded advanced practitioners who can respond to the complex realities of practice in a variety of roles and settings, with a particular emphasis on effective models of rural service delivery.

Read More about Social Work MSW – Advanced Standing

Graduate from online School of Social Work.

Social Work MSW – Regular Standing

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree that is not in social work may pursue the Regular Standing online degree plan option on a part-time basis only, in order to become advanced integrated practice social workers.

Read More about Social Work MSW – Regular Standing

Software engineering student and professor watching a desktop monitor.

Software Engineering Master’s Degree M.S.S.E.

Develop an understanding of the design, development, and management processes of software applications and systems, including how to identify and analyze user and client needs and implement software-based solutions.

Read More about Software Engineering Master’s Degree M.S.S.E.

Special education teacher with her student in a wheelchair.

Special Education M.A.

The Master of Arts in Special Education is designed to prepare professional educators to work with children and adolescents with mild/moderate disabilities including learning disabilities, emotional/behavior disorders, autism, and intellectual disabilities.

Read More about Special Education M.A.

Speech pathologist working with a young student.

Speech-Language Pathology M.S.

Speech-Language Pathology provides aspiring professionals the competence to diagnose and treat the full range of communicative disorders in all age groups.

Read More about Speech-Language Pathology M.S.

Young girl weight lifting with her coach.

Sport Coaching M.S.

Become a lifelong learner who can adapt to contemporary demands in the coaching profession by applying the latest recommendations for best practice to your own coaching.

Read More about Sport Coaching M.S.

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