Business Administration in Accounting Doctorate

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Degree Awarded: Doctorate of Business Administration in Accounting

Build a Career Utilizing Advanced Business Research Skills

The Doctorate of Business Administration in Accounting degree, offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, serves experienced accounting professionals who may be considering careers in academia, consulting, or in advanced professional positions. The DBA is carefully constructed to provide students with a foundation in research, an in-depth exposure to the accounting literature, and a supportive environment through faculty guidance and mentorship. The online curriculum is augmented by optional on-campus residences and allows students to maintain momentum in their career while pursuing their doctoral degree.

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  • August 17, 2022
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The program is designed to be completed in three years. The program is 53 credit hours with 17 credit hours in research methods, 16 credit hours in content seminars, 20 credit hours in research and the dissertation.

The DBA is built on three foundational areas:

Accounting Disciplinary Content (16 credit hours)
The content area encourages students to acquire a critical understanding of their accounting conceptual foundations grounded in their own unique real-world business perspective. The coursework includes four accounting research seminars as well as two-pedagogy seminars. Students will be exposed to accounting literature through a deep dive into accounting research scholarship and advanced theoretical constructs. These seminars will provide a basis for selecting the student’s intended area of research. Along with accounting-focused seminars, students will take seminars focused on pedagogy and ethics, diversity and inclusion.

Research Methods (17 credit hours)
As highly experienced business professionals, our students will have experience identifying meaningful resolutions to complex organizational and marketplace issues. In this program, they pursue more in-depth explanations using cutting edge, current, and rigorous research methods with the ability to navigate data archives and access relevant populations that are potentially rich settings for empirical research. The coursework emphasizes methodological skills to do high-quality research on emerging business issues to contribute to knowledge, including a statistics boot camp and five research methods seminars.

Dissertation/Research (20 credit hours)
Students will put their research skills into practice under the guidance of their expert faculty mentor to engage and conduct meaningful and impactful research that is focused in solving problems in industry.
The program develops students’ ability to generate high-quality original research that drives new business and academic insights. Moreover, there is a strong emphasis on conducting this research at a quality level that is publishable in high-quality scholarly journals.

DBA Educational Goals
Learning Goal 1: Students will be able to apply the holistic nature of research to business opportunities and problems.
Learning Goal 2: Students will be able to apply research methods and data analysis to solve business problems.
Learning Goal 3: Students will be able to develop a theory-based research plan to address unique business problems.
Learning Goal 4: Students will be able to apply research skills to analyze and develop solutions to business problems.
Learning Goal 5: Students will be able to create and communicate original scholarship that addresses researched solutions to business problems.

Experienced Cohort that Bridges Academia and Industry
The DBA in Accounting addresses the shortage of doctoral-qualified faculty in the field. Given the experience level of the students entering the program, this will create graduates who can easily help bridge the gap between academia and the industry. DBA students will benefit from their faculty members’ expertise but will learn a great deal from their peers through professional networking and sharing experiences and expertise.

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