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WVU Online Ambassador Program

Meet your newest resource – our WVU Online Student Ambassadors

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Our WVU Online Student Ambassadors represent various colleges and online majors and they are here to provide you with insight and guidance as you continue to explore your online learning options.

Throughout the year, our Student Ambassadors will share their experiences with you in a variety of ways, including virtual 1-1 student meetings, hosting live information sessions and webinars, taking over our social media channels, participating in podcasts, or writing about their experiences on our blog.

We know that students like to hear from other students about what it’s like to study online in one of our programs. That’s also the best way for you to learn if being an Online Mountaineer is right for you.

If you are already a WVU Online student and you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, please contact Jennifer Pruzinsky via email at to share your Mountaineer experience.

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Angie Berna Milliren

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Angie Berna Milliren headshot.

Angie Berna Milliren has been teaching in the public school system since 1999. Her passions are technology and the fine arts. She clearly remembers the commercial for Apple in 1984 and the excitement of working on an Apple II computer in elementary school. She would spend hours writing code until the teachers made her go home. Her parents provided her with piano lessons from age 2 and she accompanied her school choirs as a student. She worked for a local university while still in high school as the choir accompanist. Technology and music came together in her undergraduate music education degree when she began to write music using compositional software. In 2015, she presented at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association state conference on the implementation of music applications for rehearsal techniques.

She holds a master's degree in multimedia technologies and shares her love of multimedia and music with her students each day. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at West Virginia University where she is pursuing her Ed. D. in Instructional Design & Technology. Angie is a graduate assistant at Davis College where she helps migrate professors to online classrooms and oversees the Davis Online website. She holds Apple Teacher and Google Educator certifications as well as serves as a micro-credential National Ambassador for Digital Promise.

Angie Berna Milliren wearing a WVU sweatshirt.

Angie Berna Milliren on a sunny day wearing sunglasses at an outdoor event.

Angie Berna Milliren smiling for a headshot.

Angie Berna Milliren at a restaurant.

Through her school district, Elizabeth Forward, she was part of the initial cohort for Modern Teacher. She presented a research project on changing teaching pedagogy and technology implementation at Apple in Cupertino in December of 2019. Currently, she enjoys designing her own online courses for her students in Canvas. When not at work, Angie enjoys riding her Can-Am Spyder, crafting, and serving as a cantor at her parish (St. Sebastian Roman Catholic Church in Belle Vernon, PA).

Kelly Ayers

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Kelly Ayers headshot.

Kelly Ayers is a student in the Master of Legal Studies Program pursuing the Justice Systems Emphasis but took a very windy road to get here that has not yet ended. After high school she attended Frostburg State University and graduated with a degree in Philosophy (after several combinations of majors and minors) and one class shy of a biology degree. She continued to wait tables and substitute teach in the years after graduation and had her son. When she got wind of the forensic program starting at WVU, she jumped on the opportunity. Kelly started with the first Introduction to Forensic Identification class in spring of 1999, driving once a week from Romney, WV to Morgantown for the 3-hour class. In 2001, she became the program’s first graduate.

Kelly then began her 20-year forensic career (to date) by taking a position as a forensic services technician with the Asheville, NC Police Department responding to and processing crime scenes. While in Ashville, she took that last Biology course at UNC-Asheville and transferred it to Frostburg State to achieve the second major. She also had thought about pursuing a Master of Business Administration, but after the semester of pre-program classes decided it wasn’t for her. She then applied to the WVU College of Law, was accepted, but wasn’t able to attend. Instead, she pursued the online Master of Science in Forensic Science Administration through Oklahoma State University, beginning that program in 2007. In 2009, an opportunity to come back to West Virginia presented itself. Kelly realized that having reached a forensic services technician III, the highest promotional opportunity, and the highest level of crime scene certification available, it was time to make a change.

In January of 2010 Kelly began her position with the NIJ funded West Virginia University Forensic Science Initiative developing and teaching continuing and professional education courses that were presented in person and online. She also began teaching for the academic program for both in person and online courses. In 2010 she again applied and was accepted to the WVU College of Law and again was not able to pursue the program due to external obstacles. What she was able to do despite the move was continue the online master’s program in a different location and graduate in 2010. In 2018 the continuing education program dissolved, and Kelly took a position as the investigator in the WVU Office of Student Conduct. A year later it was decided that position would no longer be funded, so when that position dissolved, she began a position as a Regional Forensic Specialist with a company that carries crime scene supplies. 2020 saw every class, demo, and conference canceled due to the pandemic. Kelly then moved to a position with a steady check, but in an entirely unfamiliar realm—clinical research with the WVU Cancer Institute where she is currently employed.

It had been decided in 2020 maybe it was time to pursue another degree and that maybe practicing law wasn’t what Kelly wanted to do. With that, the decision was made to apply to the Master of Legal Studies program to learn about the law on a deeper level with broad applications. She began in Fall 2020 and hasn’t looked back. Completion is anticipated in June 2022 while she also awaits information of which medical school her son will be attending!

Kelly Ayers covered in paint after running a 5K.

Kelly Ayers posing with a skeleton with a WVU key ring around its neck.

Kelly Ayers holding a small duck in a car.

Kelly Ayers in a red dress at a conference.

Over the years, Kelly accrued 1000+ hours of forensic training, has presented/taught in China, Jordan, and Costa Rica and at multiple conferences, has served on a multitude of committees, is a past president of the Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification, and is appointed the Division Representative for the parent body of the International Association for Identification. She remains the only Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst in the state of West Virginia. Kelly continues to contribute to the field as an active affiliate of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees sponsored by NIST through which professional standards are developed and published. She is also currently writing submissions to be published in the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences.

Kelly currently lives in Morgantown, WV as an empty nester with her spouse and looks forward to being an encouraging voice for anyone considering the pursuit of a WVU online degree.

Kelly Blake-Idleman

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Kelly Blake-Idleman standing in front of a stone wall.

I was raised in the small town of Cumberland, Maryland and graduated from Fort Hill High School in 2004. I moved to Mount Storm, WV to be closer to my job 5 years ago. I graduated from Potomac State College with an Associate's degree in Business Administration in 2020. I have been employed with Dominion Energy for the last 4 years as a Process Assistant. he duties of a Process Assistant include timekeeping, grievances, and general HR duties. I found my niche for human resources, and I knew that I wanted to proceed to get my bachelor's degree. I would eventually like to apply for other positions within the company in the field of human resources. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, riding motorcycles, and spending time outdoors.

Michelle Lair

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Michelle Lair wearing a red dress outside in front of a flower bush.

Michelle is a life-long educator who has worked in both K-12 and in higher education. She has served as a classroom teacher, in administrative roles on campuses and as an instructor prior to serving in her current role at the NC Community College System in Raleigh, NC. Michelle is a graduate of the MA in Higher Education Administration program at WVU and is pursuing the EdD in Higher Education administration.

Pam McDonald

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Pam E. McDonald working a table for WVU.

I received my first graduate degree from Fairmont State University’s Master of Criminal Justice program. My professional Social Work career immediately started after graduating by working for the DHHR, where I earned my LSW. In all, I have been a Social Worker for almost 12 years. I am currently the Clinical Supervisor of Substance Use Disorder Community Based Programming for Healthy Minds Clarksburg WVU Medicine.

I am an advocate of self-care and I live life balancing altruism and advocacy. I am participating in the RIBHT Program to expand my knowledge of behavioral health. I previously volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association with my cousin. I am very lucky to be married to the love of my life. My husband and I recently purchased an RC car and have enjoyed taking it out on adventures. I love all things Back to the Future, by far my favorite character is Doc Brown. I am excited about completing my graduate program and working toward my next level of licensing.

Pam E. McDonald with a friend wearing gold WVU tee shirts.

Pam E. McDonald taking a picture with her husband.

Pam E. McDonald dressed up for Halloween in front of her house with her husband.

Pam E. McDonald sitting in an oversized red chair.

Tina R. Williams

WVU Online Student Ambassador

Tina R. Williams headshot.

I am a resident of Bridgeport, WV, married, the mother of two great sons, ages 25 and 21, and three great adult stepchildren. Our family of seven has kept us quite busy over the years with each in sports and other extracurricular activities. My oldest son is a student of WVU School of Medicine and my youngest is a collegiate golfer. My two stepsons are coaches on the Division II collegiate level. Attending my children’s sporting events, traveling, and spending valuable time with my family and friends are what I enjoy most.

I have worked in the healthcare field my entire 35-year career as a Health Information Management Director and currently as the Enterprise Director of Privacy at WVU Medicine. With undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Allied Health Administration, I was excited to enroll in the Master of Legal Studies online program at West Virginia University. The program curriculum not only aligns with my role at WVU Medicine, but the state-of-the-art online educational environment affords me the flexibility with both my professional and personal life. Instructors are very responsive and engaging with a very high level of commitment to each student. I am extremely satisfied with my MLS experience!

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