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Fee Details

In fall 2019, WVU Online implemented a $25.00 per credit hour Online Learning Student Support Fee on all online courses marked Web Off Campus (WEBOC) with a Schedule Type Web Based (W). This fee caps at 3-credit hours per course, or $75.00.

Choosing to implement a new fee is never easy, but it was time that we offered our online students the same resources that are available on-campus. All Mountaineers deserve access to resources that promote student success initiatives such as online tutoring and proctoring, an online Writing Center, virtual mental health services via Talkspace, and accessibility resources for those students who may need learning accommodations.

We understand that you probably have questions, so we created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to better explain the new fee, cost, assessment, and how it will be used.

Revenue generated from the fee is used to support the following initiatives related to student success:

  • Student Engagement & Teaching Support
  • Student Support and Success Services
  • Expanding Student Choice (e.g., course offerings)
  • Accessibility Initiatives
  • Talkspace Mental Health Services

Fall 2019

If you are taking an online course designated with WEBOC (Web Off Campus) and a schedule type of W (Web-based), you will be assessed the Online Learning Student Support Fee.

Yes, the Online Learning Student Support Fee is charged in addition to the University Fee.

Online courses are convenient, right? Well, the convenience of taking an online course comes with additional expenses related to the development and delivery of online course content. Mountaineers deserve a high-quality student experience. This fee will help ensure that all students have access to support services previously available only to the on-campus student.

  • The $25.00 per credit-hour fee is assessed to courses labeled as WEBOC with schedule type W (web based).
  • The fee caps at $75.00 per online course.
  • The $25.00 per credit-hour fee is charged per course.
  • The $25.00 per credit-hour fee is also charged above the traditional full-time cap of 12-hours for undergraduates and 9-hours for graduates.
  • Students taking 9-hours of WEBOC/Web courses will see $225.00 OL Student Support Fee (9 X 25.00) on their student account, in addition to university tuition, college tuition, and university fees.

Yes! The fee caps at $75.00 per online course. For example:

  • 1-credit hour online course = $25.00
  • 2-credit hour online course = $50.00
  • 3-credit hour online course = $75.00
  • 4-credit hour online course = $75.00
  • 5+ credit hour online course = $75.00

The fee will not be assessed to courses labeled with a “9”. For example, research, senior thesis, independent study, professional field experience, teaching practicum, seminar, graduate colloquium, high school access, Winter Intersession, Maymester, etc.

The answer depends, honestly. The following five programs have a different tuition and fee structure: The General Business undergraduate program and the Business Cybersecurity, Business Data Analytics, Data Marketing Communications, and the Integrated Marketing Communications graduate programs. If you are a student enrolled in one of the mentioned programs, please reach out to your advisor about the fee structure and what that means for you. If you are not admitted in one of these 5 programs and you register for web-based off-campus courses, then you will be assessed the Online Learning Student Support Fee.

No, the fee cannot be waived. Good question though!

Yes, many of our Big 12 peers charge an additional fee for taking online courses. In fact, of the Big 12 schools that charge a fee, WVU’s appears to be the least expensive.

  • Oklahoma ($40.00 per credit hour)
  • Oklahoma State ($95-100 per credit hour)
  • Texas Tech ($35.00 per credit hour)
  • Kansas State ($77.00 per credit hour)
  • TCU ($125.00 per credit hour)
  • Iowa State (Fees vary depending on level 100, 200, 300, 400. Graduate online fees vary per program).

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Occasionally a student will encounter an issue with an online course that he or she doesn’t know how to resolve. Should this occur, please visit the link below.

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