The Eberly College of Arts ands Sciences is offering an online minor in religious studies for part-time non-traditional students. The convenience of online classes makes it easy for the working professional. These classes may also be taken by part-time students in the Regents Bachelor of Arts and Multidisciplinary Studies Program.

The minor explores the great world religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Coursework permits students to study religion across cultures.

With a religious studies minor, students will have a foundation for any vocation that requires one to work and interact with people from other cultures and faiths. Examples of such career fields include medicine, business, education, and law.

Students will complete five courses, 15 credit hours, in order to obtain the minor.

Required Courses

Select three courses (9 credit hours)

To earn a minor in public relations a student must earn a grade of C or better in each of the five courses. Students completing the entire minor online can expect to complete it in one year.

For additional information contact Aaron Gale at To register for online courses, contact WVU Online at (800) 253-2762 or email