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Associate of Arts in Business Administration

WVU Potomac State College’s online Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree will give you a broad knowledge of business, combined with skills in technology, to prepare you for a variety of careers in a global business environment that is changing rapidly. While pursuing this degree, students will study micro and macroeconomics, sociology, principals of accounting, statistical inferences, and computer applications among other courses. Elective courses within the degree can be tailored to match your personal and professional interests. Choosing this degree program can also help you advance professionally in your career.

Associate of Arts in General Studies

The online Associate of Arts in General Studies allows you to achieve the milestone of a degree from West Virginia University, whether that degree alone allows you to advance professionally or is a milestone on the way to a bachelor’s and possibly master’s degree. While pursuing this degree you will acquire in-demand skills in writing, critical thinking and communication. You can tailor the elective courses within the degree to match your personal and professional interests. Now, more than ever, employers are looking to distinguish between job applicants. A WVU associates degree in General Studies will give you the foundation for many career paths and can speed up your professional advancement in many fields.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major: General Business

The Bachelor of Science in General Business, offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, will give you the versatility you need to enter any segment of the business world. The basic skills you achieve through this program will be applicable in many different industries, such as government, real estate or business services. You will gain an understanding of how to run a business, including management skills, business research skills, and the use of financial data. The program is entirely online, making it easy to pursue advanced education in conjunction with your busy work schedule.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major: Marketing

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing, offered by the John Chambers School of Business and Economics, will prepare you for a successful career as a marketing professional in this constantly evolving industry. Every course in our program emphasizes “learning by doing” and features hands-on, real-world activities to give you the skills you need. Our innovative curriculum will give you a strong background in strategic marketing management and the different elements used by firms and in-house teams. The courses integrate global, societal and sustainability aspects of the marketplace, as well as the public and not-for-profit sector. *tuition subject to BOG approval

BS Business Administration: Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Science in in Hospitality and Tourism Management, offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, will prepare you for careers in hotel and restaurant operations, hospitality, tourism, event planning, and more. If you are a communicator and enjoy leading a team, you can work anywhere in the world with this degree. You will learn general business, as well as leadership and management skills, including revenue management and customer relations management. Our program will get you on the right track for an exciting career in the service industry, leading to a wide variety of career possibilities, including restaurants, theme parks, resorts, cruise lines, casinos, and sports venues. *tuition subject to BOG approval

Business Cybersecurity Management M.S.

The Master of Science in Business Cybersecurity Management offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics is designed to address the significant need for cybersecurity talent. There are over 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the US that are not filled, and cybersecurity job postings are up to 74 percent in the last five years, according to a 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics study. The degree is built to equip the motivated student with the toolkit to engage, lead and own the cybersecurity business career path. You will be prepared to hold a number of diverse positions, to include security analyst, network security engineer, information security manager and security administrator.

Business Data Analytics M.S.

The Master of Science in Business Data Analytics offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics is located at the intersection of prescriptive analytics and data science for business. Prescriptive analytics uses techniques from operations research, operations management and global supply chain to help businesses achieve better decisions. Data science for business entails the use of data management technologies, data mining, machine learning and visualization techniques to help organizations better use the large-scale data they collect to optimize business outcomes. You will be qualified to answer the industry’s demand for a skilled pool of graduates who can apply data science to solve business challenges.

Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies, with a Pre-K certification option, offered by the College of Education and Human Services, is ideal for you if you want to enter the field of early childhood education prepared to work with children and families. Helping a child to develop and grow is very rewarding. You will learn developmentally appropriate practices and focus on early education advocacy and leadership. You have the option to obtain the degree with Pre-K certification in the state of West Virginia. This online program also allows you to complete field experiences and internships close to your home.

Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.S.

The Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, offered by the College of Education and Human Services, prepares students to help people overcome, physical disabilities, substance abuse disorders, and mental illnesses enabling them to become more productive members of society. The scope of practice for graduates of this degree is expansive, covering a wide spectrum of work with people who have disabilities. The degree requires 63 credit hours for completion. This is a low-residency program, requiring two site visits to campus. The remainder of the program is completed online.

Communication Studies M.A.

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies offered by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences creates leaders who have an ability to communicate strategically and with a diverse audience. Through this program, graduates translate fundamental ideas of communication into real-life applications. By learning innovative strategies for effective solutions, graduates develop skills to respond to crises that organizations may encounter. You will succeed in the workplace by having strong organizational interpersonal, critical-thinking, and written communication skills. The workplace of the 21st century is based on information exchange – on developing core communication literacies to effectively engage multiple information sources and receivers in an increasingly crowded and connected digital landscape – and our program prepares graduates who can meet those demands.

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