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Ashley Martucci

Ashley Martucci

College of Applied Human Sciences

Ashley Martucci Profile

Ashley Martucci with her family.

“Once I left the public-school classroom to pursue doctoral work, I was able to expand my love for the classroom even further, by teaching pre-service teachers, who then go on to touch the lives of school children.”

She wants her students to know that working with children is a way to profoundly influence lives and that teachers directly impact students and their academic success in ways nobody else can.

She points out that her students are constantly teaching her, as well.

“They bring new ideas and challenge my thinking.”

Because all her courses are online, she strives to develop a relationship with the students in her classes by conducting weekly Friday video updates, personal check-ins, audio recordings for assignments, and by having virtual office hours.

“Doing all these things removes the technology barrier to a more human experience.”

Virtual experiences are now the norm and Ashley even observes student teachers in the classroom using virtual technology.

“This is something we were already doing before Covid-19, but it will be even more common in the future.”

Q & A

About Her Students

"In some cases, our students are non-traditional college students and I know that they have jobs, families, and other responsibilities outside of school. This gives a different meaning to graduation."

Technology She Utilizes in the Classroom

"VoiceThread for video teaching. Her students video their classroom teaching, upload it, and then Martucci provides on-the-spot feedback. During post-teaching conferences, they review portions of the video together."

Pedagogical Changes on the Horizon

"We are having to change the way we conduct field and student teaching placements for our students."

Researching Currently Working On

"I am working on virtual observation experiences for our students. With the uncertainty of Covid-19, child-care centers and school settings may not have the same face-to-face opportunities we had previously."

Importance of Mentoring

"My mentor was an amazing advocate for children. She always pushed me to think outside my comfort zone. She recently passed and I often find myself wondering how she would be stretching my thinking."

Book(s) Reading Right Now

"How to be Antiracist; The Girl Who Smiled Beads (WVU Campus Read for 2020-2021)"

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