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Regents Bachelor of Arts, R.B.A.

May 13, 2024

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Earn a Degree for Work, Life or Military Experience

The online Regents Bachelor of Arts degree, offered through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, is designed to meet the unique goals of non-traditional students. Whether you want to pursue a graduate or professional degree, transition into a new career, increase your marketability within an established career, or fulfill your life-long goal of completing a bachelor’s degree, the RBA program can help you succeed. You can complete the program online, at your own pace. Eligible students may also acquire college credit for professional, volunteer, and military experiences.

Young woman walking into a job interview.

The Regents Bachelor of Arts is a popular option for adult learners who want to return to school. The RBA undergraduate program is designed for working adults who want to complete their college degree. The program is accessible, responsive and purpose-built with the nontraditional learner in mind. It offers an opportunity to gain credits for work and life experiences, and allows students to tailor their academic careers to meet their individual needs. WVU offers adult learners, those who have been out of high school at least three years, the flexibility of completing this degree online.

What’s unique about the degree is the student’s ability to package together previously earned credits, online classes, and a portfolio of real-world experience to create a unique degree. A portfolio is written justification and documentation of the student’s request to earn college equivalency credit. WVU offers an online class in RBA portfolio development to guide students through the process.

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Jessica is here to help.

Jessica Carr, Your Personal Online Admissions Coach

"As a graduate of WVU, I look forward to helping future students begin their own journeys to becoming a Mountaineer. At WVU Online, we are eager to guide you through the enrollment process with ease and want to provide you with the information and resources you need to be successful. Online degrees give everyone an opportunity to further their education and I can’t wait to help you do just that."

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Regents Bachelor of Arts, R.B.A. Admission Requirements

View RBA admission requirements in the catalog.


Students can apply throughout the year, but the recommended deadlines are:

  • Fall Term - mid July
  • Spring Term - mid November
  • Summer Term - mid April

Application Requirements

  • Pay undergraduate application fee
  • Request official transcripts from all institutions attended (other than WVU), or high school transcripts if fewer than 20 college credits and send to:
    WVU Office of Admissions
    PO Box 6009
    Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

Please note: The catalog currently states that all RBA students must have graduated from high school at least four years prior to admission to the program. This requirement has recently been changed to three years.

What do I do after I'm admitted to the program?

Wait a few days if you are a transfer student. Even though you’ve been admitted to the program, it still takes a few days for your transcripts to be processed. You will receive an email from a "transcript tour guide" from the registrar’s office, who will explain how your credits were processed and any other steps needed to complete your transfer.

After you receive that email, your next step is to contact your advisor. Dominic "Nick" Sano-Franchini will be your contact person for your first advising appointment. Please do not contact Nick until you have been admitted to the program and had your transcripts processed. If you are a first-time freshman, please contact Nick after being admitted.

Dominic Sano-Franchini profile image.

Phone: (304) 293-3902

"Advising is an important part of any college degree, but even more so for RBA students. WVU offers a wide range of classes, minors, and programs, and we’re trained to help students make the most of their time here. We won’t make decisions for you, but we’ll share insights and experience with you, and provide information to help you make the most informed, engaged decision possible that will align with your goals and plans. With so many choices, it can feel overwhelming sometimes, but advisors are only an email, phone call, or appointment away; ask every question you have!"
- Nick Sano-Franchini, Senior Academic Advisor

How do I Prepare for my Advising Appointment?

Take a look at Degree Works, WVU’s resource for students and advisors to keep track of requirements. During your appointment, your advisor will likely refer to information found in Degree Works. Please prepare any questions you have about your credits, your requirements, and other topics, prior to your first appointment.

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Anita May profile image.

Anita May

Regents Bachelor of Arts R.B.A.
"I really love doing schoolwork on my schedule since I work full-time."

Anita May chose to enter the WVU Online Regents Bachelor of Arts program because she already had previous college credits with WVU and this program allows non-traditional students to complete the degree at their own pace.

They can also, if eligible, acquire college credit for professional, volunteer, and military experiences.

"So far I love it," she says. "I'm in my first course, but I really love doing schoolwork on MY schedule since I work full-time."
"I’m also an old lady and I don't need all the drama from youngsters that I remember from my former classroom days!"

Anita recommends WVU Online to other students because it gives you so many options and the support from advisor and instructors is amazing.

She hopes to use her RBA degree to gain a job promotion and a higher salary before she retires.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Financial aid is available. Students are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to determine their eligibility for federal and state funds as well as scholarships. WVU’s FAFSA Code is 003827.

Regents Bachelor of Arts, R.B.A. total degree cost: $54,840 – Residents and Non-Residents

Tuition and fees are usually not the only educational expenses you may have while pursuing a degree. You may have other costs such as books, supplies and living expenses. Please see the Estimate Costs and Aid webpage for how to estimate and plan for other potential expenses.

Benefits to choosing the Regents Bachelor of Arts, R.B.A. program

Since its inception, WVU's RBA Program has granted over 4,000 degrees to worthy recipients. We expect this number to grow significantly as many adult learners are returning to college to trigger their intellectual curiosity, boost their market value, or for personal fulfillment.

The future for graduates with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree

The RBA program assumes that adults have different needs and goals relative to traditional undergraduates. Therefore, our degree requirements are designed to meet the specific needs of adult learners. The RBA degree is designed to provide adult learners with either a Liberal Arts or a more comprehensive education when combined with minors. Furthermore, there is considerable flexibility in how, when, and where degree requirements are achieved. Specifically, students may earn credits through on-campus and online courses (at WVU or transfer), credit by exam, standardized awards, and/or writing portfolios to petition for eligible courses based on work experience, or a combination of each.

To learn more about specific degree requirements, please follow the link below.

RBA Major Requirements

Career outlook for RBA graduates

Here are some potential career paths you could pursue with an RBA degree:

  • Business: You could work in a variety of business-related fields, such as marketing, advertising, human resources, or project management.
  • Education: You could pursue a career in teaching or educational administration.
  • Communications: You could work in public relations, media, or journalism.
  • Government: You could work for local, state, or federal government agencies, in fields such as public policy, social services, or law enforcement.
  • Nonprofit: You could work for a nonprofit organization, such as a charity, advocacy group, or community organization.
  • Arts and Culture: You could pursue a career in the arts, such as performing or visual arts, or work in museums, galleries, or cultural institutions.
  • Health and Human Services: You could work in healthcare, social work, or counseling.
  • Technology: You could work in a variety of technology-related fields, such as software development, data analysis, or cybersecurity.

General Education

Courses Description Credit Hours
Communication Skills Select courses fulfilling GEF 1 or courses fulfilling this outcome and approved by an advisor. 6
Humanities Select courses fulfilling GEF 5 or 6, or courses fulfilling this outcome and approved by an advisor. 6
Social Science Select courses fulfilling GEF 4 or 7, or courses fulfilling this outcome and approved by an advisor. 6
Natural or Physical Science Select courses fulfilling GEF 2, or courses fulfilling this outcome and approved by an advisor. 3
Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science Select courses fulfilling GEF 3, or courses fulfilling this outcome and approved by an advisor. 3
Upper-Division Courses Select any courses at the 300 or 400 level 30
Electives Select any courses at any level 66

Total hours: 120

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a regent?

The term "regent" refers to a member of a governing body of a university system, such as the Board of Regents. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the management and policies of the university or college, including the appointment of top officials, setting budgets and tuition rates, and ensuring the institution's mission is fulfilled.

What is a regent’s degree?

A regent’s degree is awarded by the Board of Regents or a similar governing body of a university system.

Who may this degree be the best option for?

The RBA degree is often seen as a good option for adult learners who have already completed some college coursework but have not yet earned a degree. It is also popular among students who have a variety of interests and want to create a customized degree program.

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