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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: General Business

Aug. 21, 2024

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Prepare to Succeed in Any Business

The BSBA with a major in General Business, offered by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, will give you the versatility you need to enter any segment of the business world. The basic skills you achieve through this program will be applicable in many different industries, such as government, real estate or business services. You will gain an understanding of how to run a business, including management skills, business research skills, and the use of financial data. The program is entirely online, making it easy to pursue advanced education in conjunction with your busy work schedule.

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The online BSBA with a major in General Business, offered through the WVU John Chambers School of Business and Economics, gives students an overall understanding of business and how organizations operate. They also learn business and management skills, including the ability to research, interpret and use business and financial data. Graduates of this program are well prepared to enter corporate management training programs, or to apply their skills to virtually any industry.

Students must be admitted to the WVU John Chambers School of Business and Economics during the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms. They will plan a customized curriculum with their advisors, taking 30 credits of upper-level business courses, but no more than 9 credits in any specific discipline.

Students with BSBA with a major in General Business choose upper-level business course electives from accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and tourism management, management, marketing, management information systems, and organizational leadership courses.

Amy Roberts-Dixon profile image.

Amy is here to help.

Amy Roberts-Dixon, Your Personal Online Admissions Coach

Amy Roberts-Dixon serves as a Senior Academic Advisor for the Chambers College of Business and Economics, working with students interested in the online General Business major and the B&E on-campus transfer students.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: General Business Admission Requirements

Contact Amy Roberts-Dixon to discuss eligibility.


Application Requirements

All prospective students must apply for admission to West Virginia University. Applicants can apply online. Applicants must send official transcripts to the following address:

WVU Office of Admissions
PO Box 6009
Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

For questions and assistance with your application, contact Kyle Patrick.

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Blair Shea profile image.

Blair Shea

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: General Business
"The professors really care and are always there to help when needed."

Blair Shea chose WVU Online to complete her degree in General Business because she had a full-time job and her schedule did not allow her to take a lot of time off for schoolwork.

"My major was based on the availability of classes offered online, but the offered classes were ones I could take with limited direction."

Blair enjoyed interacting with other students through online discussions, and also group projects.

"Feeling engaged with the faculty or the course material was sometimes an issue, but most of the time I could overcome it with self-rewards. I would just have to remind myself why I was completing this degree and motivate myself."

She recommends WVU Online to other students because of the real-life lessons she learned.

"It has helped me with many different kinds of problems, from scheduling to spreading myself too thin."
"It is 100% worth it and you can succeed. The professors really care and are always there to help when needed."

Suzanne Kitchen profile image.

Suzanne Kitchen

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major General Business
"I bring contemporary resources into course material to demonstrate practical and useful skills."
"As I was coming into the field of HR, the Americans with Disabilities Act had recently become a law. There were many opportunities to provide consulting, as well as training and development, to employers and businesses coming into compliance with the ADA. It was natural for me to step into those types of roles in HR."

This eventually led her to earn an advanced degree and to move into higher education.

She says students studying in the areas of Management and General Business in the John Chambers College of Business and Economics will acquire degrees that are very flexible and customizable for a variety of different kinds of careers.

She is always looking for new ways to improve her students’ experiential education opportunities, including internships, service learning, individual or group simulations, real-life case studies, leadership opportunities and case competitions.

"It’s my hope that every student coming through our programs can answer these two questions: What did you LEARN? and What did you DO?"

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Financial aid is available. Students are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to determine their eligibility for federal and state funds as well as scholarships. WVU’s FAFSA Code is 003827.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: General Business total degree cost: $57,000 – Residents and Non-Residents

Tuition and fees are usually not the only educational expenses you may have while pursuing a degree. You may have other costs such as books, supplies and living expenses. Please see the Estimate Costs and Aid webpage for how to estimate and plan for other potential expenses.

The future for graduates with a BSBA Degree in General Business

Overall, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration General Business degree can provide graduates with a solid foundation of business knowledge, versatility, networking opportunities, higher earning potential, and the potential for career advancement.

What types of business knowledge can I expect to learn earning this degree?

The degree program covers a range of business topics, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, and operations. This comprehensive knowledge can help graduates develop a deeper understanding of how businesses operate and make better decisions.

Career outlook for BSBA General Business graduates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in business and financial occupations is projected to grow 7 percent from 2021 to 2031.

Course Title Credit Hours
BCOR 121 Introduction to Business Applications 2
BCOR 191 First-Year Seminar 1-3
BCOR 199 Introduction to Business 3
BCOR 200 Faculty-Led Study Abroad 3
BCOR 289 Internship 1-3
BCOR 293 Special Topics 1-6
BCOR 299 Business Communication 3
BCOR 310 Esports Business 3
BCOR 320 Legal Environment of Business 3
BCOR 330 Information Systems and Technology 3
BCOR 340 Principles of Finance 3
BCOR 350 Principles of Marketing 3
BCOR 360 Supply Chain Management 3
BCOR 370 Principles of Management 3
BCOR 380 Business Ethics 3
BCOR 460 Contemporary Business Strategy 3
BCOR 490 TBA 1-3
BCOR 493 Special Topics 1-6
BCOR 495 Independent Study 1-6
BCOR 498 Honors 1-3

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs can I expect with this degree?

Students who graduate from WVU Online with the BSBA in General Business have access to the WVU John Chambers School of Business and Economics Center for Career Development. The CCD helps students with resume writing, interview prep and finding internships and full-time employment. For more information, visit

Graduates of WVU Online with the BSBA in General Business work in a variety of industries, such as government, real estate, and business services. Careers include sales, project management, business analysis, and management.

Wondering what you can do with a degree from WVU's General Business major? Check out the WVU Career Services website at and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) site at

What are some jobs titles to keep an eye out for growth wise?

  • General and Operations Managers Projected Growth: 7-10% *Bright Outlook
  • Business Intelligence Analyst Projected Growth: 7-10% *Bright Outlook
  • Business Professor Projected Growth: 11% or Higher *Bright Outlook
  • Sales Representative Projected Growth: 2-3% *Bright Outlook
  • Business Continuity Planners Projected Growth: 4-6% *Bright Outlook
  • Agents and Business Managers Projected Growth: 7-10% *Bright Outlook
  • Accountant Projected Growth: 4-6% *Bright Outlook

Why is this major worth pursuing?

This major allows you the flexibility to design a business program of study that fits your goals and aligns with your interests to prepare you for your dream career.

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