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Strategic Social Media

Today’s most rapidly expanding media platform is social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many other sites. As people become increasingly dependent on social media for news, current events, products, goods and services, businesses and other organizations need employees with the ability to communicate with the digital audience.

WVU graduates with a minor in Strategic Social Media will be in high demand by a wide range of organizations that need to communicate to and engage with their audiences via social media channels. A minor in Strategic Social Media will prepare students across a variety of majors who are interested in working in media communications positions in industries such as healthcare, government, professional sports and hospitality.

The strategic social media minor requires the following five courses:

JRL 101 Media & Society
Can be taken on campus or online. This course is generally taught every term. Examines the mass communicator’s role in developing political, social and economic fabrics of a democratic society. Reviews the organization and function of newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations and other principle media.

Choose one of the following:

PR 215 Introduction to Public Relations
Can be taken on campus or online. The course is generally offered every term. Introduces the principles of public relations. Examines the definition and historical development, opportunities and challenges and techniques and management of public relations.

ADV 201 Advertising and Society
This course must be taken online. As a social institution, advertising plays a critical role in our daily lives. This course examines the social, economic and legal aspects of advertising.

ADV 215 Principles of Advertising
Can be taken on campus or online. This course is generally taught every term. An introduction to all sides of the advertising field and to the process, quantitative, strategic and aesthetic, by which the sales message is planned, produced and delivered.

Choose one of the following:

JRL 432 Social Media Strategy
JRL432 must be taken online. How social media channels can be utilized to meet the goals of corporate, non-profit, political and issue based outreach messaging.

Prerequisites: JRL 101 and PR215 or ADV 201 or ADV 215

JRL 433 Social Media Applications
JRL433 must be taken online. How messages can be crafted for maximum success and reach in the social media landscape.

Prerequisites: JRL 101 and PR215 or ADV 201 or ADV 215

JRL 434 Social Media Campaigns
JRL434 must be taken online. An examination of case studies where social media was used successfully in instances of promotion, outreach and crisis communication.

Prerequisites: JRL 101 and PR215 or ADV 201 or ADV 215

To earn a minor in strategic social media, a student must earn a C or better and earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 or better in the courses required for the minor. Students completing the entire minor online can expect to complete it in one year.

All online courses are taught completely via eCampus. Students need to plan on logging into eCampus daily during the week but can do so at the time of their own choosing. Students should budget the same amount of time for an online class as they do for classroom classes.

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The strategic social media minor is not available to any student enrolled in the Reed College of Media.

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