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Political Science

Politics affects everything from business regulation to fights about freedom of expression. An understanding of how politics works and how you can influence the political system around you is critical to navigating our economy and being a good citizen.

A minor in political science can be a valuable addition to any major for any student, regardless of their career paths. Everyone from engineers and scientists to librarians and physicians confronts politics at the local, state and national level. Additionally, minoring in political science can provide a very useful complement to students majoring in related disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, economics, women’s and gender studies, geography, history and sociology.

The political science minor requires the following 5 courses:

Select 2 of the following:

POLS 102. Introduction to American Government. 3 Hours.
General survey of American national government and politics.

POLS 210. Law and the Legal System. 3 Hours.
Introductory course on the role of law in the political system. Includes a survey of subfields in United States law and an examination of participants, processes, and policy making in the United States legal system.

POLS 220. State and Local Government. 3 Hours.
The legal basis, structure, politics and operation of state and local governments, in the content of the American federal system.

POLS 230. Introduction to Policy Analysis. 3 Hours.
Examination of the causes and consequences of public policies. Substantive policies examined include: civil rights, housing, social services, environment, health, law enforcement, education, and taxation.


POLS 240. Introduction to Public Administration. 3 Hours.
The development, organization, and processes in governmental administration in the United States.

POLS 250. Introduction to Comparative Politics. 3 Hours.
An introduction to the political and governmental systems of industrialized and developing countries. Focuses on approaches to comparative political study, political cultures and participation, and government structures, processes, and policy performance.

POLS 260. Introduction to International Relations. 3 Hours.
Theories and concepts in international politics and their application to contemporary world politics.

Select 3 Upper Division Electives from POLS 310-379

Students must earn an overall GPA of 2.00 in all courses applied to the minor.

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