You can now earn a communication studies minor online. Communication skills are consistently among the most sought after skills in the workplace. No matter what your major is or where you are employed, communication will be an important aspect of your job. A minor allows you to formally document your knowledge of human communication.

Registration into the online Communication courses/minor are restricted to those who will not be registering for more than 12 hours total for the entire semester during the fall and spring terms.

The online minor consists of 15 hours of course work.

A. Select two from the following (six credit hours):

COMM 100 and 102 must be taken together.

B. Select two from the following (six credit hours):

C. 300 or 400 level course options:

One additional 3-credit 300 or 400 level course (excluding COMM 490)* a 300 or 400 level COMM course may be substituted for one 100 level course in category A. Total Hours: 15

For additional information contact Matt Martin at To register for online courses, contact WVU Online at (800) 253-2762 or email