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Aug. 21, 2024

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Provide Visionary Leadership in the Music Business

The Master of Arts in Music Business and Industry offered by the College of Creative Arts provides an integrated and methodical approach to understanding the mastery of current music industry systems and commercial practices, combined with acute awareness of new regulations, income streams, and business models.

You will focus on the skills, concepts, and methodologies central to global business models and apply these models to the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of music and digital media in the global entertainment industry.

A musician and a producer in the studio recording a song.

While music is an art, it is also a global and multi-billion dollar industry that employs thousands of people in live performance, recording, and publishing sectors. The online Master of Arts in Music Business and Industry, offered by the College of Creative Arts, prepares students for careers in the music business field by offering an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding and mastering music industry systems, methods, and practices. The program provides historical context as well as courses in management, production, legal issues, and emerging technologies.

Kelly Legg, Personal Online Admissions Coach

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Kelly Legg, Your Personal Online Admissions Coach

As a graduate of the WVU with a degree in business administration, Kelly understands your needs and is here to support and simplify the enrollment process for you. You can have open and honest discussions with her about how your passion in life can become your career. Contact Kelly today!

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Music Business and Industry M.A. Admission Requirements

If a student has not already completed the following undergraduate course(s) prior to registering for the program, they must complete them during the first year of the program:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music earned - Undergraduate Accounting / Financial Management course needed
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business earned - Undergraduate Music Appreciation course needed
  • Other Bachelor Degree(s) earned - Undergraduate Accounting / Financial Management course and Undergraduate Music Appreciation course needed


  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited university and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. (NOTE: GPA exceptions will be made on an individual case-by-case basis, depending on previous experience and/or years of applicable professional experience.)
  • Upload a personal statement/letter of intent and a resume, as directed.
  • Request official transcripts from all institutions previously attended to be emailed to or mailed directly to:
    WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
    P.O. Box 6510
    Morgantown, WV 26506
  • Submit the School of Music Application for Graduate Admission. Fill out the School of Music Graduate application

NOTE: The School of Music requires 3 letters of recommendation. Letters should be submitted by directing references to this form:

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Student and Faculty Spotlight

Learn more about student and faculty experiences in the Music Business & Industry M.A. program.

Laverne Perry profile image.

Laverne Perry

"I always received a timely and thoughtful response to every email and question that I had."

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Joshua Swiger profile.

Joshua Swiger

"Music is part of our DNA and if I can help the next generation of musicians succeed then my calling has been answered."

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Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

WVU provides a comprehensive approach to helping you finance your education. Learn more by visiting the Student Financial Services website.

Students are encouraged to:

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form by the March 1 deadline to determine their eligibility for federal and state funds as well as scholarships. WVU’s FAFSA Code is 003827; and
  • Check with your employer to see if they provide financial support for earning your graduate degree.

Music Business and Industry M.A. total degree cost: $22,638 – Residents and Non-Residents

Credits Cost
1 $686
3 $2,058
6 $4,116
9 $6,174

Tuition and fees are usually not the only educational expenses you may have while pursuing a degree. You may have other costs such as books, supplies and living expenses. Please see the Estimate Costs and Aid webpage for how to estimate and plan for other potential expenses.

Courses and Curriculum

Minimum Grade in any course: C-.
Minimum GPA requirement: 2.75.

Music Industry Foundations Module

Course Title Credit Hours
MUSC 610 Foundations of Recording Industry 3
MUSC 611 Music Industry Regulations 3
MUSC 617 Development of Music Technology 3

Music Commerce, Management, and Operations Module

Required courses: (12)

Course Title Credit Hours
MUSC 612 Music Product Advancement 3
MUSC 613 Music Performance Organization and Commerce 3
MUSC 614 Advanced Recording Industry 3
MUSC 615 Advanced Music Publishing 3

Select two from the following: (6)

Course Title Credit Hours
MUSC 619 Music in Multimedia 3
MUSC 620 International Music Industry 3
MUSC 621 Artist Representation 3

Music Production Methods and Technology Module (3)

Select one from the following:

Course Title Credit Hours
MUSC 623 Recording Production 3
MUSC 624 Live Music Production 3

Industry Project (3)

Course Title Credit Hours
MUSC 626 Music Industry Project 3

Total Hours: 33

Your future in Music Business and Industry

Students who earn the Master of Arts in Music Business and Industry will develop the following:

  • The ability to delineate and analyze current music industry regulations regarding their commercial implications, business opportunities, and appropriate music industry management practices across the industry income streams.
  • The knowledge of the historical progress and development of various music business sectors and relevant regulatory frameworks in demonstrating mastery and understanding of the present music business regulations, systems and methods.
  • The ability to perform and manage standard and management level music business procedures and processes utilized in the music publishing, recording, and live music industries, including conception and management of various music product development and placement strategies and plans.
  • The ability to construct and evaluate budgets and financial projections across the music industry income streams based on the project parameters, and the relevant market level, regulations, indicators and trends.
  • The ability to plan and manage music production processes and activities in recording and live music business sectors including scheduling, budgeting, equipment, personnel, union issues, and regulatory requirements.
  • The ability to utilize the music industry research and analysis knowledge and skills to make a constructive contribution to the scholarship in the field, and/or to create a proper business opportunity, or to productively manage a music product, so to create new value and generate positive returns on investments.

The Benefits to Choosing Our Program

The Master of Arts Program in Music Business and Industry at the School of Music offers such knowledge and training by providing an engaging, systematic, and rigorous course of study leading to analytical, creative, regulatory, and entrepreneurial understanding and skills necessary to succeed in today’s complex and challenging music industry field.

The program is offered online as a high-quality graduate-level distance-learning opportunity. The program will provide all students possessing appropriate interest, qualifications, and ambition, regardless of their geographic location, access to extensive academic training and acquisition of professional skills necessary for building or furthering their careers in music business and industry.

Career Outlook for Music Business and Industry

Students who graduate from WVU Online with the Music Business and Industry M.A. degree may be prepared for the following careers in music: directors, singers, sound technicians, composers and arrangers, professors, and producers. These are only a few examples of some of the many opportunities that will be open to you with this degree. Advanced degrees or certifications may be required for some positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to earn the M.A. in Music Business and Industry degree?

Typically, the Music Business and Industry M.A. degree takes 4 semesters to complete. However, students wishing to complete the program in a shorter time frame may be able to do so with the program director’s approval.

Describe a typical online Music student.

Most of our online MA in Music Industry students come to the program while they are planning their own music related ventures, or they are already involved in an industry, music or otherwise, and want to learn more about the music business to further their professional growth and development.

What are some of your current student occupations?

Among our students we have touring musicians, studio owners, indie record label owners, music producers, audio/visual production company owners and concert promoters.

Are all students already involved in the music industry?

We do have students with occupations in different fields. These students want to start their own entrepreneurship/business entities in the music industry field (think publishing, concert promotion, or artist management). Of course, students who complete the program are well qualified to work for companies like Sony, Warner and Universal in their admin departments.

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