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Can You Double Major Online?

By Charlene Lattea, WVU Online | Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Ready to Double Major Online? Follow our guide to start your journey at WVU Online.

If you are ready to enter college and looking at different subjects to major in, you may be asking yourself: Can I double major as an online student?

While it may be a bit challenging, a double major can give you more knowledge and skills, and lead to a greater variety of job opportunities.

But will you be able to work out your schedule while earning two degrees online? How does this work for online students? Is it worth it?

In this article, you will learn all about how to double major as an online student and the benefits of completing two majors simultaneously.

Can I Earn a Double Major Online?

In short, "yes!"

Most college students only major in one subject and combine it with a minor, but a double major does not take more time or cost more than a single degree, if you work at it efficiently.

Earning a double major may even be easier for online students because they are already experts in time management, which is one of the most important factors for completing a double major successfully.

Most students who decide to double major have an interest in two different academic subjects and also want to increase their chances for success after they graduate.

If your two majors complement each other, that will help make you even more of an attractive job candidate, but you could also double major in two very different subjects, giving you the skills for two entirely different careers.

What is a Double Major?

When you choose to double major, you complete two majors and receive one degree that shows you completed both subjects.

Examples of some complementary double majors include: public health and statistics; criminal justice and psychology; business administration and marketing; political science and a foreign language; or engineering and business.

Double majors are usually only available at the undergraduate level, but there are some master’s programs where you can double major as well.

Compared to a single major, a double major is more challenging. You will have to stay organized, choose your electives wisely, and make sure all necessary classes are completed at the right time.

The time it takes to complete a double major depends on your school, its program requirements, and the courses you choose.

Often, courses will overlap between the two majors, and you can cut down on the number of credits needed that way. Also, if you already have some credits you can transfer, that is a big plus.

Double Major vs. Dual Degree

A dual degree is different than a double major. It is two separate degrees you earn at the same time.

For example, you might combine an MBA with a second graduate degree, such as law, the arts, or a healthcare-related field. You can usually apply some course credits to both degrees.

Dual degrees take longer than earning a single degree or a double major. Bachelor’s degrees could take as long as five years and graduate degrees might take three years or more.

Examples of dual degrees include a bachelor’s in economics and a bachelor’s in political science, or a master of public health and a master of social work.

Before choosing a dual degree, think seriously about whether you need two degrees. You have to be highly motivated to complete two degrees at the same time, especially at the graduate level.

A dual degree also usually costs more because there are more course requirements. However, some dual-degree programs including overlapping classes, so that can help keep costs down.

The Advantages of Double Majoring Online

It may seem like a great idea to double major, but make sure you realize that it requires more work to complete two majors and you may have to make some trade-offs, such as giving up extracurricular activities.

However, college is a time when you have the opportunity to explore all of your interests to the fullest and a double major can provide you with an enriching student experience.

As an online student, you will have the same variety of majors available to you as traditional on-campus students.

After you are done, you will have specialization in two academic disciplines and a deeper level of knowledge. You will have more career options after you graduate, as well as a higher earning potential.

Future employers will likely see you as someone with a good work ethic and you will have an advantage over other job applicants.

When deciding to double major, make sure you keep your specific career goals in mind and choose majors that will help you reach your goals.

How to Double Major Online

Each university has its own definition of what constitutes a double major and also different requirements for completing each major.

You will need to declare a double major and agree to fulfill the requirements of both.

It might be a good idea to choose English as one of your majors, since writing and communication skills are essential in almost every career field.

A foreign language is also a good second major because it gives you a broader understanding of different cultures throughout the world and can help your career if you plan to travel or work overseas.

No matter what double major you choose, you should work closely with your academic advisor on planning how you will fulfill each major’s requirements.

You may also need to complete a special application that includes a plan of study and perhaps a statement of purpose about why you want to pursue a double major.

Universities such as WVU have various degree regulations, and official approval may be required before you can proceed.

Also, be sure to check out the online student resources that can help you be successful.

Exploring a Double Major at WVU Online

It may be challenging, but a double major can give you more knowledge and skills, and lead to a greater variety of job opportunities, with the same time commitment and cost as a single-major degree.

No matter what kind of degree you choose, WVU Online is an ideal starting point in your search for the right school. Our degrees are perfect for working professionals or others who want the convenience and flexibility of online learning from a nationally recognized university.

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