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Communication Studies

You can now earn a communication studies minor online. Communication skills are consistently among the most sought after skills in the workplace. No matter what your major is or where you are employed, communication will be an important aspect of your job. A minor allows you to formally document your knowledge of human communication.

Registration into the online Communication courses/minor are restricted to those who will not be registering for more than 12 hours total for the entire semester during the fall and spring terms.

The online minor consists of 15 hours of course work.

A. Select two from the following (six credit hours):

COMM 100 and 102 must be taken together.

B. Select two from the following (six credit hours):

COMM 100 Principles of Human Communication and COMM 102 Human Communication in the Interpersonal Context
COMM 100: Introduction to the human communication process with emphasis on the principles, variables, and social contexts of communication.

COMM 102: Introduction to interpersonal communication with emphasis upon application of one to one communication in a variety of social contexts.

COMM 103 Presentational Speaking
A laboratory designed to reinforce behavioral speaking skills based on the theory taught in COMM 104.

COMM 104 Public Communication
Communication processes and problems in business and non-business organizations and institutions with attention to practical application.

COMM 105 Introduction to the Mass Media
Critical examination of mass media with special emphasis on ways in which social, economic, and psychological factors influence the structure, functions, and effects of the media.

COMM 112 Small Group Communication
Introduction to small-group communication with emphasis on developing understanding of the small group communication process and learning how to communicate effectively when working in a small group.

COMM 122 Human Communication Contemporary Society
This course addresses various social issues faced by young adults in our society and how communication is often part of the problem and how it can be used to solve these problems.

COMM 306 Human Communication in Organizations and Institutions
Communication processes and problems in business and non-business organizations and institutions with attention to practical application.

(COMM 100: 1 credit, COMM 102: 2 credits)

COMM 308 Nonverbal Communication
An examination of the effects of human nonverbal behavior on human communication. Emphasis on specific nonverbal behaviors including touch, time, environmental contexts, physical appearance cues, and social communication cues.

COMM 316 Intercultural Communication
Examines similarities and differences between cultures with regard to norms, values, and practices in verbal and nonverbal communication. Emphasis on communication in Latin America, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures.

One additional 3-credit 300 or 400 level course (excluding COMM 490)* a 300 or 400 level COMM course may be substituted for one 100 level course in category A. Total Hours: 15

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