Undergraduate Non-Degree and Visiting Students

A student who has not received a bachelor’s degree, who is not currently enrolled at an institution, and who is taking undergraduate courses but not pursuing a degree.

A student who has completed a bachelor’s degree and taking courses as prerequisites to another program.

A student currently enrolled at another institution who would like to pursue West Virginia University credit to transfer to that institution.

How to Apply as Undergraduate Non-Degree or Visiting Student

  • Domestic students may be required by the academic department to submit an official transcript from their current institution, and others attended, for review of prerequisite coursework. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded in the application (optional).
  • International students need to provide an official statement of good standing indicating an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or an official transcript from the last college attended.

If you are unsure if you need transcripts for prerequisite review, email Marie.Pavlik@mail.wvu.edu prior to submitting your application.

  1. Apply to WVU through the Undergraduate Application.
    • If you do not already have a WVU application account, create an account by clicking on the Sign-Up link at the bottom of the screen. If you have a WVU provided email, it may be used to Sign-Up for an application account but it does not automatically grant you access to the application portal.
    • Sign In using your existing or newly created application account Username (email address) and Password.
  2. Complete the application with your information and the following:
    • Select West Virginia University at Morgantown Campus
    • Student Type: Visiting or Non-Degree.
    • Answer the International Applicant question
    • Program: Special or Non-Degree.
    • Term: Select the appropriate term for which you wish to enroll as a visiting student.
  3. Fill out all required areas of the application (designated with a red dot).
  4. Submit the application with your $50 application fee for processing.
  5. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will process your admission request. This can take a few business days to process.
  6. Applicants, once admitted, will receive a communication with their WVU Identification student number, MIX email address, and advising contact information. All visiting students are responsible for registration and withdrawal.

University Policies & Standards

Even though you are not pursuing credits towards a WVU degree, you are considered a WVU student and expected to follow the same policies, procedures, and behavior guidelines.

All course withdrawals follow the Office of the University Registrar’s policy, the Add/Drop Dates for Partial Term Courses, and the Withdrawal and Refund policies of the Office of Student Accounts. Partial term course information can be obtained in your student schedule in your WVU Portal Account.