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Study Buddies

Share photos of your “Study Buddies” with us!

WVU Online team members love our pets and, like any parents or grandparents, we want to show you our photos and tell you about them!

Now, will you share your photos of your “study buddies” with us? Tell us a little bit about them. What kind of pet do you have? What is their favorite treat? Favorite activity? Maybe your pet doesn’t even have paws. Goldfish, anyone? We’ll choose the best pet photos to share with our readers on social media.

Our Pets!

Meet our Study Buddies.

Kimberly Foore

Director of State Authorization and Online Quality Assurance

Kimberly Foore with her dog Sherlock.


Sherlock is a 9-year-old Labradoodle who has been WVU Online Employee of the Month multiple times. He enjoys long walks in the snow, murdering stuffed bears, and napping.

Jennifer Pruzinsky

Coordinator of Enrollment Management

Chinchilla sitting in a little bed.

Two black cats sitting in front of a window.

Chinchi, Molly, and Kip

Chinchi is a 20-year-old chinchilla that I have had since 2011. She loves to cuddle, be scratched under her chin, take dust baths, eat dandelion and raisin treats, and run around.

Molly and Kip are sister and brother and are almost 12 years old. I rescued them in 2010 when they were dropped off as kittens on a farm. Molly is a perfect long hair independent girl and Kip is her brother who loves to cuddle. They both love to be out on the porch in nice weather, watch the birds, squirrels, and deer, and be brushed.

Gary Phillips

Online Admissions Counselor

Gary Phillips and his cat laying on the floor.


This is Crush. His hobbies include trying to walk through doors at the exact time I do, demanding belly rubs, and staring at invisible monsters under the stove.

Marie Pavlik

Senior Program Coordinator, Special Sessions and Non-Credit Offerings

Marie and her dog Dozer sitting on the couch.


This is Dozer with his Mom, Marie Pavlik. He’s 9 years old, and he still has puppy-like energy at times. After completing a DNA test, Dozer is 75% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Boxer, and 12.5% Chihuahua. An unusual combination, but he’s 100% a good boy who doesn’t sit still long enough for posed pictures. He loves vegetables, blankets, snuggles with Mom and Dad, and rope toys. Dozer loves to watch out the window and nap… a lot! He is patiently waiting (as much as one dog can) for his human sister who's expected in April. Dozer has his own Instagram account (@DognamedDozer) where you will see his goofy, loving, and mischievous sides.

Kelly Legg

Online Admissions Counselor

Kelly holding her dog in front of a creek.

Kelly and her husband sitting under the Christmas tree with their dogs.

Dexter, BoDean, and Yellow

Dexter is my grand dog. He's a 5-year-old mini dachshund with non-stop energy. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, hike, and even raft on the New River!

Our most recent dogs were referred to us as rescue failures. Our basset hound BoDean was a rescue from Ohio that we ended up keeping. He was the sweetest soul that enjoyed slow walks. Our lab was a stray and placed at the local animal shelter. Since we were fostering, and she was nameless, I called her Yellow Dog so I wouldn't get attached to her. After many months, no one expressed interest in her, and she became our permanent foster. We continued to call her Yellow and enjoyed her sweet personality. My grand dog Dexter is also in the picture. He's a 5-year-old mini dachshund with non-stop energy.

Charlene Lattea

Public Relations Specialist

Charlene with her cat, Angie.

Charlene's cat Angie, looking frisky.


This is my cat “Angie” (short for Angelina Ballerina). I’ve had her for about 9 months now and she is very entertaining. Like most tabby cats, she is very talkative and loves to explore everything. I have a good house for cats, with lots of large windowsills up high, where she can sit and look down on the neighborhood. She loves to watch the birds at the feeders and the neighbor’s two cats that lounge around in my yard, waiting for treats.

Bobby Dillon

Multimedia Specialist

Bobby rubbing the stomach of his dog Jordan.


This is my dog Jordan. She’s 12 ½ years old. She’s part chihuahua, part pug – a chug. I rescued her from the pound. She’s the most lovable dog in the world. She loves long walks, belly rubs, licking, playing with her toys, and sleeping in the bed. But most of all, she loves being wedged in between my wife and I on the couch and getting all the attention. She’s my heart and my best friend.

Stephanie Smith

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie at the beach.

Two deer outside of Stephanie's house.

We feed the deer!

My husband Chuck and I are animal lovers and live in the woods, so we decided we were going to feed the animals. We actually feed the deer, birds and squirrels in the yard. We feed them Whole Corn (Tractor Supply or Rural King see us each week getting our 50 lb. bags). We can see 5 to 9 deer at a time each day. We actually named the ones that come around the most, especially the ones that started showing up when they were babies. We have been able to watch them grow up. We just love watching them and we feel like they are a part of our family.

Julie Thalman

Assistant Provost, Online and Continuing Professional Education

Julie's cats laying on a bed.

Dolly and Bear

They are both rescues from Mountaineers for Mutts! Dolly, the white cat, was dumped as a 2-month-old kitten, and Bear's mamma died when he was a few days old. They love to play! Dolly's favorite toy is her pink snake and Bear loves his black mouse - they both always carry them around! They also love to eat their Churu cat treats and sleep on their humans! Remember to save a life! Adopt and never shop!

Cheryl Dennis

Program Coordinator of State Authorization

Cheryl and her dog Buddy.

Cheryl being licked by her dog Buddy.


Buddy is a 10-month-old Rottweiler. He is 110 pounds of pure love, and is expected to reach around 120-140 pounds when he stops growing. Buddy loves to go for walks and chew everything in the house. For the last 10 months, no toy, shoe, or piece of furniture were safe. However, he has recently started to leave the shoes and furniture alone. He has had two obedience classes and will be starting his third in a few weeks. My goal is to find what he likes to do best (scent work, therapy, agility) and then let him master his craft. Buddy is truly my buddy.

Joanne Hunt

Director of Marketing and Communications

Joanne's dog looking out the window.

Joanne's dog sitting next to his food bowl.


Gracie is our 9-year-old Yorkie, who is also a rescue. She loves to watch the squirrels and birds in our backyard. When she’s not monitoring yard traffic, she’s usually looking intently at the person in the kitchen - making sure the person doesn’t forget to feed her (or to at least give her some snacks). Her other favorite activities include sunbathing and running morning laps around the kitchen.

Tammy Bishoff

Director of Student Support Services

Tammy's two horses eating hay in a field.

Willow and Chessie

My family and I live on a farm with many different animals. Meet Willow and Chessie, our horses. Willow is the gold-colored horse on the left. She is a Palomino and is about 4 years old. Chessie, the chestnut-colored horse on the right, is a quarterhorse horse and is about 10 years old. They love attention and want to be together when we go on a ride.

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