Teacher Leadership: Digital Technologies and Connected Learning

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Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership: Digital Technologies and Connected Learning

Improve Teaching and Learning

The Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership: Digital Technologies and Connected Learning, offered by the College of Education and Human Services, enables individual teachers to not only teach the students in their classroom, but also to have influence within their school and beyond as coaches, change agents, curriculum developers, and facilitators of job-embedded professional development. Teacher leaders develop collaborative relationships with colleagues and encourage their colleagues to join them on a journey to improve teaching and learning locally and further afield.

Completing this master’s degree will support you in:

  • Creating a network of colleagues who will support your development as a teacher,
  • Developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher leader,
  • Deepening your understanding of teaching and learning in elementary mathematics.

This online teacher leadership program, which can be completed in five semesters (including summers), is designed around a series of four core courses and two majors (Elementary Math Specialist and Digital and Connected Learning). Courses will be conducted during summer, fall, and spring sessions, both synchronously and asynchronously.

Learning Formats
  • Online Asynchronous
  • Online Synchronous
Start Date
  • May 16, 2022

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Learning is powerful when teachers connect students’ personal interests to real world opportunities.

Curriculum designed using Connected Learning principles focuses on using new digital and networked technologies to expand opportunities for young people. It differs from traditional approaches to technology integration in which technology is viewed as a means toward more efficient and automated forms of education. Instead, Connected Learning puts learner-centered and experiential methods at the center of technology-enhanced learning. More importantly, teachers learn essential connected learning design principles in order to create meaningful learning opportunities and connections with their students, colleagues, and communities.

The program is designed for working professionals with courses offered online in both summer and during the school year. This program is designed for use by educators in a variety of both formal and informal educational contexts. Courses during the school year are scheduled in the evenings to accommodate the work schedules of professional.

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