A Prescription for Success

It’s 5 a.m. Saturday morning. The alarm clock synched to Madison’s harrowing to-do list on her iPhone fills the room with a repetitive blare, and she springs into action. For most college students, Saturday is a day to sleep in, catch up on assignments, or just binge an entire season of their favorite Netflix series. But for Madison Postlewaite, Dual Pharm. D. and Online Hybrid MBA student, vegging out will have to wait.

Madison had a love for science and math for as long as she could remember, so when she came to WVU as a freshman, she decided to major in biology and continue down that path. Four years later, she had earned her bachelor’s degree but knew in her heart she wasn’t quite done.

Madison Postlewaite portrait Madison Postlewaite Online Hybrid MBA Madison Postlewaite by research board Madison Postlewaite at computer

Going Above and Beyond

“I knew I liked science and I wanted to go into healthcare so I looked into pharmacy and all of the different job opportunities. I really liked how many different routes you could go with it,” said Postlewaite.

But she didn’t stop there. Soon after applying to WVU’s School of Pharmacy, she learned about the dual Pharm. D./MBA program that would allow her to earn her Master’s in Business Administration online.

“When I saw the MBA that went along with the pharmacy degree, I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do.”

Madison stressed how quickly she learned the importance of setting herself apart from her other classmates.

“A lot of students pursuing a pharmacy degree get good grades. Many of my classmates are also in some of the same student organizations as me, so I knew earning a dual degree would help set me apart.”

Of course she was right. In her cohort of nearly 80 pharmacy students, only about 10 students are going for the dual degree. That’s because for many Pharm. D. students, the class load and work schedule that goes along with a pharmacy internship is more than enough to handle. By throwing nine or more additional credits of online MBA classes into the mix – it can seem almost impossible.

Giving Back

In addition to her busy school and work schedule, Madison is also a member of six professional pharmacy organizations, and holds a leadership position in four of them. Since the fall of 2015, she has served as Community Service Co-Chair in Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP), which she explains has been one of her favorite experiences thus far.

“A lot of students pursuing a pharmacy degree get good grades. Many of my classmates are also in some of the same student organizations as me, so I knew earning a dual degree would help set me apart.”

“Our chapter of SSHP works closely with the Bartlett House on West Run and hosts regular health fairs. We take blood glucose levels, check blood pressure, take a BMI machine, and even do cholesterol screenings. The people there get really excited about it when we provide those services. A lot of them don’t get to see a doctor often so these health fairs are a great way for them to stay on top of their health. And the best part is that it’s all free.”

Down to Business

As part of WVU’s Online Hybrid MBA program, students are required to attend four 3-4 day residencies. In April, Madison will be headed to Washington, D.C. for her second in-person meeting with her fellow MBA classmates and faculty.

“I’m really excited to see all of the people in my MBA class again. We met once here in Morgantown last year and went to the WVU Challenge Course which was definitely a great team building activity. It’s nice to see the people I work with on group projects somewhere other than a computer screen.”

Madison’s mantra when things get tough? “Don’t stress. No matter how busy or overwhelmed I may feel, I know that things will get done. I just tell myself to power through it and make it happen. Getting accepted into the Dual Pharmacy/Online MBA program is my biggest accomplishments and I will never quit.”