Jill Lenihan

Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

“I was very engaged. I still have connections with my professors, even the one from my very first class.”

Jill Lenihan profile.
Jill wearing a WVU shirt.
Jill with military personnel.
Jill posing with a donkey.
Jill with her husband in a graduation gown.


Jill Lenihan teaches children who are blind or visually impaired and needed teaching credentials to take advantage of an opportunity that came up to further help these children.

“Unfortunately, I had never completed college when I was younger and could not pursue teaching credentials until I had my bachelor’s degree,” she says. “These children are extremely important to me, so I began researching my options.”

She was quickly bombarded by online schools and felt very overwhelmed.

“Then, I happened to (thankfully) reach out to WVU to see what online programs were offered. WVU cared about me. It didn’t take long to discover that WVU was the place for me.

Her advice to others who are thinking of taking an online class is “Do it!”

“WVU is the place to go if you dreamed of getting a degree but thought you couldn’t do it. I’m a proud Mountaineer and you can be one too! Let’s go!”

1. Biggest Challenge
Juggling schedules and time management was always a concern. However, as time progressed, I discovered ways to manage my time and enjoyed my free time much more.

2. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future
Online learning has prepared me for so much more of my future than just my teaching career. WVU put me in a place to confidently navigate the online world we are currently living in during this pandemic.

3. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes
I can submit a well-written report as a PowerPoint presentation. I also learned numerous computer skills and how to cite sources. I feel confident now using many formats.

4. WVU Campus Resources She Found Helpful
The library was very beneficial.

5. Most Memorable Online Class Experience
The day I received my “congratulations you are admitted” letter. I was thrilled! I will never forget how exciting it was to realize that this would be the beginning of a lifelong dream come true.

6. Things She Didn’t Expect
I worked harder and I didn’t expect that. I became far more committed to learning everything needed and doing a good job than I would have been if I had attended in person.

7. One Word to Describe Her Degree Program

8. One Word to Describe WVU Online