Chris Morlock

M.A. Music Industry / M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

“In the Music Industry program, I was able to do 2-1/2 weeks of assignments in advance, which allowed me to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the WVU Marching Band!”

Chris Morlock tailgating in the fall.
Chris Morlock with country singer Brad Paisley
Chris Morlock at graduation.
Chris Morlock with a "HOME" display in front of Woodburn Hall.


“The added flexibility allowed me to work full-time jobs that require the standard work business hours,” he says. “My current job (like most in higher education) is not a typical 9-5 position. Traveling for work requires me to complete assignments on my own time and outside of a classroom. Professors in both of my programs were understanding if I had something come up in my day-to-day life.”

Both of Chris’s programs utilized the discussion board feature, which really helped him connect with his peers in his courses.

“I felt that it was an actual conversation and not solely an assignment. I’ve connected with my peers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter too.”

He recommends that online students use a planner or Microsoft Outlook to keep organized.

“I always made a calendar and schedule to make sure that my assignments were completed on time. Online programs require a level of independence and self-motivation to keep on track in the courses. Starting off the semester with a system for organization will help you significantly.”

1. Biggest Challenge
When you are starting a program, you take foundation courses filled with theory, policy, etc. to give you an understanding of the topic. I saw other students give up because they felt this was busy work, but you will be fine once you complete a few assignments or classes. You cannot build a house without a foundation.

2. How Online Learning Prepared Him for the Future
It allowed me to get an education while continuing to advance my career in my current full-time position. I’ve seen others stop their jobs to pursue education and they struggle to return to industry.

3. His “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes
Better organization and how to prioritize my time, how to study, and specifically, the atmosphere I need to create for myself to complete my work.

4. WVU Campus Resources He Found Helpful
The WVU Library resources were significantly helpful. Using the library or the access to academic journals helped me finish my education.

5. Most Memorable Online Class Experience
For my Music Industry degree, booking and organizing a concert for a top-donor event. For my Integrated Marketing Communications degree, it was creating a real marketing campaign to be carried out at WVU.

6. Things He Didn’t Expect
In the IMC program, it was having a structure. In their program, all the assignments are due on the same days. You have discussions on Wednesday, replies by Friday, and assignments due on Monday. I wasn’t expecting this from an online program.

7. One Word to Describe His Degree Program

8. One Word to Describe WVU Online