Since 2005, the Integrated Marketing Communications program has grown exponentially to become one of the largest graduate programs at West Virginia University. Chad has seen nearly 1,500 students successfully complete the program and has enjoyed watching the industry and curriculum change along the way.

Chad earned his bachelor’s degree in advertising and his master’s degree in Journalism from WVU. After hearing about the launch of the new and innovative IMC degree, he decided to stay and help develop the program. Chad notes that online education and marketing and communications as a whole have changed immensely over the last 15 years but one things remains certain–WVU’s IMC degree is one of the top-ranked Integrated Marketing Communications programs in the United States.

He loves the online learning atmosphere and enjoys adding new and exciting courses to the curriculum as new advancements in technology and other sectors impact the communications industry. His advice to young professionals is to ask questions, learn from mistakes, and to find a job that makes you happy when you wake up each morning.