Angie Milliren

Instructional Design and Technology Ed.D

“This experience has pushed me to grow as a learner and the information that I have gleaned from my classes has prepared me for an exciting future. I am a Mountaineer for life!”

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Angie Berna Milliren applied to several universities for Instructional Design and Technology, but she chose WVU because she felt like what she could bring to the classroom as a learner was appreciated.

“From my initial phone calls, I found that my questions and concerns were readily addressed, and the faculty and staff of the department were always available and eager to assist me on my journey,” she says.

“I felt diversifying my educational portfolio was essential to remain marketable in the field of education. After receiving my master’s degree, I yearned to be more, but was unsure of what path to follow.

“At WVU, I felt wonderfully ‘at home’ in an environment where people shared in my passion for technology.”

During her first semester, Angie worked a 40-hour-a-week job, along with few freelance music and media jobs, and still found time to enjoy spending time with friends and family. She did her reading for classes while running on a treadmill and wrote papers in paragraph chunks during her lunch breaks at work.

“My professors have been top-rate and I have been granted access to amazing opportunities throughout my journey.”

1. Biggest Challenge
It has been a learning curve to research from afar and not in the library stacks with friends. But I was introduced to several online applications that have provided an outlet to share research and I am able to share with people around the globe.

2. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future
I’m in the field of education. Not only am I extremely prepared to create online classes that are robust and meet accessibility standards, I am confident in my ability to operate in this ever-changing educational climate.

3. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes
Read academic journals and fully understand the methods section; make classes accessible for online learning; design online classes that are well organized, while learning to implement multiple learning management systems.

4. WVU Campus Resources She Found Helpful
The WVU libraries online are a wondrous thing to behold. It is absolutely astonishing.

5. Things She Didn’t Expect
My husband received his bachelor’s from another online university, and it felt as if he was merely “checking off the list” to get to his degree. I never envisioned the connections I would make with peers throughout this process.

6. One Word to Describe Her Degree Program

7. One Word to Describe WVU Online