Alexis Wable

M.S. in Business Data Analytics

“Online classes are no different from in-person classes in the amount of effort and hard work you should put into them.”

Alexis and a friend in front of an overlook.
Alexis sitting on steps.
Alexis running in a marathon.


Alexis says her peers in the program feel like family and that the faculty went above and beyond to keep the students engaged through frequent Zoom calls, which gave the program a very hands-on feel.

“I met so many people I otherwise wouldn’t have met, with diverse backgrounds and interests in this field,” she says. “We all stay in contact to this day, which provides a unique group to network with as we continue to grow in our careers.”

She admits that with online courses you may feel distant or disengaged at times. But only if you allow it!

“I found that a quick email or video call with the faculty was always welcomed, and always left me feeling more confident and connected to the coursework. It can be intimidating at first, but the people will soon make you feel right at home.”

1. Biggest Challenge:
The balance of work, school, and personal life can be difficult. Make sure you still find time for yourself, whether that is a hobby, socializing, or even just a 30-minute break from studying.

2. Things She Didn’t Expect:
How connected I felt to the program, staff, and students. Our cohort was just under 30 students, which creates a huge sense of closeness and familiarity. It was a pleasant surprise to feel that with an online program.

3. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future:
We were often paired with other students to complete projects during this program. This collaborative approach helped me prepare for the nature of data analytics, where collaboration is encouraged (and often necessary).

4. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes:
Data cleansing, data organization & governance, and storytelling with data.

5. One Word to Describe Her Degree Program:

6. One Word to Describe WVU Online: