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Creative Strategy Graduate Certificate

The Creative Strategy Graduate Certificate, offered by the Reed College of Media, will give you the versatility you need to succeed in the marketing world, particularly in the area of creative services. You will explore how content is evolving, how to design marketing and communications strategy, as well as how to select print, digital and social media vehicles for content delivery. The courses provide you with a background in creative concepts, digital storytelling, visual information design, and professional creative and art direction techniques. If you enjoy working creatively to express complex visual ideas and concepts, this certificate can lead to many different careers in this fast-moving industry.

Data Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate

The Data Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate, offered by the Reed College of Media, will prepare you for a career in this emerging discipline that involves interpreting data and communicating key insights gleaned from data, in order to make better marketing decisions. You will learn the basic principles of marketing and digital analytics and the use of metrics and analytics in business. The curriculum covers campaign planning and media buying, as well as campaign metrics assessment, and audience segmentation. This is a great career field for you if you enjoy working with data to improve the effectiveness of campaigns in a highly competitive marketplace.

Data Marketing Communications M.S.

WVU’s Master of Science in Data Marketing Communications is the nation’s first online master’s degree explicitly focused on the strategic use of data in marketing communications. Online shopping, digital advertising, social media metrics, web analytics, customer relations management platforms, website user statistics, the data available to marketers to better understand audience habits and motivations is growing daily. We worked with industry leaders to craft a program where students acquire the specific skills they need to be successful in today's competitive market.

Digital and Social Media Graduate Certificate

The Digital and Social Media Graduate Certificate, offered by the Reed College of Media, is ideal for you if you desire to enter the world of digital and social media marketing. Currently, there is a high demand for qualified professionals in this field. Areas of emphasis include digital storytelling, social media and marketing, web metrics, and digital video production. You will learn to develop integrated marketing strategies and to implement digital and social media marketing tactics, as well as social media metrics and tracking, web analytics, and SEO in campaign assessment. The versatility of this certificate program opens doors to many career opportunities.

Digital Marketing Communications M.S.

You've likely been a digital media consumer for years. You know how quickly we've moved from static to responsive websites; from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok; from cable television to Hulu. What's next? And how do you use the existing and emerging media channels to reach the audiences living on them? WVU's completely online master's degree in Digital Marketing Communications gives you the strategy and the skills — in just one year. You’ll learn how to create a dialogue with today's modern audience that builds community around a brand or organization. It's all about building trust and providing customers with long-term value so that they become advocates who bring you more customers.

Healthcare Communication Graduate Certificate

The Healthcare Communication Graduate Certificate, offered by the Reed College of Media prepares you to work in the healthcare sector, providing the public with information about medical treatments, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyles. You will develop healthcare communications campaigns using integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy, as well as understand how to brand, build credibility, identify target audiences and evaluate return on investment (ROI) for healthcare marketing communications. Professionals in this area are in demand and potential employers include a variety of medical organizations, from small practices to large government agencies.

Higher Education Marketing Graduate Certificate

The Higher Education Marketing Graduate Certificate, offered by the WVU Reed College of Media, will give you the skills you need to dive deeply into the nuances of student recruitment and institutional branding within the foundation of integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy. Marketing that targets prospective students in higher education changes rapidly, and this has become an intensely competitive industry during the past few years. Our certificate program focuses on various aspects of marketing for higher education, including content marketing, social media marketing, multicultural marketing, and diversity and inclusion in IMC.

Integrated Marketing Communications B.S.

Earn your bachelor's degree online from a renowned and accredited program that combines the complementary business and communications fields of advertising, marketing and public relations to give you the skills to succeed in an exciting and expanding field.

Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate certificate, offered by the WVU Reed College of Media, features a cutting-edge curriculum that will help professionals in this rapidly changing field learn new skills and polish old ones. The program provides a broad overview of IMC, focusing on the study of emerging media and the market, including audience insight, and brand equity management. The versatility of this certificate opens doors to many career opportunities and the demand for professionals is ever-increasing from a wide variety of employers in a range of industries.

Integrated Marketing Communications M.S.

The Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications is a flexible, ten-course program offered exclusively online. With more than 25 electives to choose from and specializations in areas like digital and social media and creative strategy, you can create your ideal educational experience. Fill a marketing void at your company, hone skills to prepare for a promotion or pursue a topic that you’re passionate about.

Media Solutions and Innovation M.S.

The Media Solutions and Innovation graduate program prepares students to become media strategists and futurists who can function as change agents and adaptive leaders within the industry. Our 12-month master’s degree program helps students learn about the disruptions in the media industry and how to build industry partners to assist in research and development, discovery, and creating targeted solution pathways to address some of the most challenging media problems.

Public Relations Leadership Graduate Certificate

The Public Relations Leadership Graduate Certificate, offered by the Reed College of Media, gives you the unique skills you need to enter the world of executive communication and leadership. Learn how to analyze an organization, develop favorable messages for internal and external audiences, and provide messaging via digital, social and traditional media. You will develop comprehensive public relations plans for organizations, utilizing market research and data analysis. The curriculum also covers effective crisis communication and how to incorporate crisis planning into an IMC campaign strategy. This program will prepare you for a career at the highest level of an organization, working with other members of executive teams.

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