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Communication Studies M.A.

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies offered by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences creates leaders who have an ability to communicate strategically and with a diverse audience. Through this program, graduates translate fundamental ideas of communication into real-life applications. By learning innovative strategies for effective solutions, graduates develop skills to respond to crises that organizations may encounter. You will succeed in the workplace by having strong organizational interpersonal, critical-thinking, and written communication skills. The workplace of the 21st century is based on information exchange – on developing core communication literacies to effectively engage multiple information sources and receivers in an increasingly crowded and connected digital landscape – and our program prepares graduates who can meet those demands.

Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis Graduate Certificate

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis Graduate Certificate, offered jointly by the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, is the first of its kind in West Virginia. With this academic training, you will learn to analyze and apply GIS and spatial analysis data across multiple disciplines. There is a growing demand for professionals in this area and the program is ideal for working professionals, as well as graduate students who desire advanced training in areas such as predictive modeling, data exploration, programming, spatial hydrology, remote sensing, and geospatial modeling.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership, offered by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, is the first certificate of its kind in West Virginia. With an innovative, research-driven curriculum, and plenty of practical hands-on experiences and applications, it is the ideal program for working professionals who want to advance in their career. Effective leadership may be the most critical component of a successful organization. Leadership is different than management and requires a more strategically applied set of skills and a different perspective. You will understand leadership in a global context and learn to enhance your leadership abilities in both your work and in your daily life by learning to manage conflict and change.

Legal Studies M.L.S.

The Master of Legal Studies is for individuals who need a working knowledge of the law, but don’t intend on becoming practicing lawyers. If you work with lawyers, or legal issues, or want to gain a deeper understanding of how the law influences your industry, this degree will improve your career and promotion prospects in just 18 months. It is designed for professionals practicing in human relations, criminal and juvenile justice, the court system, journalism, social work, regulatory agencies, county and municipal government, military, business and other professionals who work with, though not necessarily in, the legal system. AREAS OF EMPHASIS The WVU Online program focuses on regulation, compliance, and policy, and offers three areas of emphasis: healthcare, justice systems, and homeland security.

Multidisciplinary Studies Degree B.MDS.

The online Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies degree, offered through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, gives you the flexibility to tailor a degree suited to your unique career needs. Instead of studying in one area, you will combine three minors to design your own degree. Your focus is up to you. Select minors from those offered by all the colleges at WVU and then blend them together into a course of study that will help you meet your goals. The program stresses breadth of knowledge and cross-disciplinary communication. The degree is unique to you and will allow you to develop the skills you need for the career you desire. Online MDS students are required to have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and at least 58 transfer credit hours or WVU credit hours.

Quantitative & Qualitative Social Science Research Methods Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Quantitative & Qualitative Social Science Research Methods, offered by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, trains students to conduct rigorous, sound quantitative and qualitative research in real-world settings and to critically evaluate these methods used by others. This certificate responds to increased demand for researchers trained in quantitative and qualitative methods locally, nationally, and globally. Quantitative and qualitative research skills are valuable across industries including healthcare, education, business, the non-profit sector, and others. Since the certificate is administered entirely online and asynchronously, it is ideal for working professionals or graduate students who need a flexible schedule.

Regents Bachelor of Arts R.B.A.

The online Regents Bachelor of Arts degree, offered through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, is designed to meet the unique goals of non-traditional students. Whether you want to pursue a graduate or professional degree, transition into a new career, increase your marketability within an established career, or fulfill your life-long goal of completing a bachelor’s degree, the RBA program can help you succeed. You can complete the program online, at your own pace. Eligible students may also acquire college credit for professional, volunteer, and military experiences.

Social Work MSW – Advanced Standing

The Master of Social Work offered by the WVU School of Social Work prepares you to be a well-rounded advanced practitioner who can respond to the complex realities of practice in a variety of roles and settings. The specialization in advanced integrated practice builds on generalist practice and prepares you to integrate micro, mezzo, and macro practice skills across service sectors and within interdisciplinary teams to effectively address social and human problems pertinent to a wide range of professional practice areas, with a particular emphasis on effective models of rural service delivery.

Social Work MSW – Regular Standing

The Master of Social Work offered by the WVU School of Social Work educates graduate students in advanced integrated social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities, and social administration. The focus of this education is to produce competent and effective practitioners committed to enhancing social well-being and quality of life with particular emphasis on vulnerable and oppressed populations in small towns and rural areas characteristic of the Appalachian region.

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