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Not only is it important to be successful in your studies but also remember to keep a work/school/life balance during your WVU experience. Take advantage of the services provided to make the most of your time while earning your degree.

Schedule of Courses

High School

The ACCESS WVU - Early College Program enables students to reach their academic goals quicker and cheaper by taking West Virginia University courses at a reduced tuition rate while still in high school. Courses can be taken completely online, at participating high schools, or on the main campus in Morgantown. Additionally, ACCESS WVU will provide a support network for students regardless of where they take their courses. A student support coach will mentor and guide students in the transition to college study.

High School ACCESS Website

K12 Teachers

West Virginia University offers multiple graduate degrees for educators who want the flexibility of online learning, the affordability of a state university, and a degree that's nationally recognized. Some programs combine face-to-face instruction with online learning to give the students the best of both experiences.


West Virginia University partners with third parties to provide teachers with professional development course options for their re-certification and plus hours. These courses cannot be counted towards a degree at WVU and are graded P (Pass) or F (Fail).

K12 Teachers



WVU offers more than 300 professional development and personal enrichment classes covering a variety of topics. From bread baking and craft beer brewing, to forensic science and legal courses, WVU has something for everyone! Courses are delivered online or face-to-face, giving lifelong learners the flexibility to gain knew skills or to explore topics of personal interest. To view our complete list of courses, and to register, please visit

Continuing Professional Education Website


WVU offers a flexible summer term which allows students to take courses in 3, 6, 9 and 12 week sessions while choosing from hundreds of on campus and online classes. With online classes, students can work or travel in the summer while taking courses.


Summer is also a great time for students to:

  • focus on challenging courses like chemistry or statistics
  • catch up or get ahead
  • complete a minor
  • become immersed in another culture abroad or in the states
  • get your General Education classes out of the way
  • complete the hours you need to keep financial aid and scholarships
  • work on increasing your GPA


Summer Website


At WVU, we look forward to helping you through the transfer process. While the reasons for transferring are often similar, all students bring a unique transfer situation with them. Our experienced staff will work with you individually to ensure a smooth transition to WVU.

Transfer Students Webpage


Students may enroll at WVU to take online classes using a Guest Application/Registration form that is valid for one term of admission. Guest Pass admission enables visiting students to take up to 12 hours of online undergraduate courses. Students who wish to take on-campus courses should visit the Visiting Students webpage for information on how to apply.


Guest students are admitted as non-degree undergraduate students. The hours earned in this non-degree status may or may not count toward a degree program, and students are encouraged to talk with their academic advisors.


Please consider the following before applying as a guest pass student:

  • must be at least one full year out of high school to be eligible to be a guest student;
  • cannot use AP or other test scores to waive prerequisites UNLESS it is transcribed on a college transcript for equivalent WVU credit; and
  • recommended to have experience with distance learning or online delivery of course work.

Admission via the Guest Application/Registration form does not guarantee acceptance to WVU as an undergraduate student. However, guest students are encouraged to continue their studies at West Virginia University as an admitted student. The admission requirements to WVU can be found at:


Mail the completed Guest Application/Registration to:

  • WVU Online
    P.O. Box 6800
    West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6800


    fax to (304) 293-4899


Once processed, students will be contacted via phone and/or email regarding payment and course login information.

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