Beginning fall 2019, WVU Online will be implementing a $25.00 per credit hour Online Learning Student Support Fee on all online courses marked WEB Off Campus with a Schedule Type W. This fee will cap at 3-credit hours per course, or $75.00.

Choosing to implement a new fee is never easy, but it is time that we offer our online students the same resources that are available on-campus. All Mountaineers deserve access to resources that promote student success initiatives such as online tutoring and proctoring, an online Writing Center, and accessibility resources for those students who may need learning accommodations.

We understand that you probably have questions, so we created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to better explain the new fee, cost, assessment, and how it will be used.

  • Revenue generated from the fee will be used to support the following initiatives related to student success, retention, and choice: 

    • Student Engagement & Teaching Support
    • Student Support and Success Services
    • Expanding Student Choice (e.g., course offerings)
    • Accessibility Initiatives 

Whew. That’s a pretty exhaustive list. But, if we’ve missed something we would love to hear from you! If you have questions about the fee, please contact WVU Online at 1-800-253-2762 and one of our friendly Academic Life Coaches can help.