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Vijay Raol

Vijay Raol

Instructional Design and Technology PhD

Vijay chose WVU Online because he was looking for a program that allowed him to complete his coursework and research as a part-time student, while providing a rigorous and high-quality standard of instruction.

“I found the instructors to be very responsive and the coursework was rigorous and of high quality.”

Vijay with his dog outside.

Vijay with his daughter.

Vijay with his daughter in class.

Vijay with his family.


“I liked the IDT major because it has a rich mix of content from areas of instruction, technology and design, all of which gave me an opportunity to learn and apply skills that are relevant to my career and personal interests.”

Vijay found the coursework, although online, extremely engaging and interactive.

“I had opportunities to work with other peers in various courses, and the Graduate Studies Office also arranged several activities to promote teamwork and opportunity for graduate students. I was thrilled!”

He says he never felt any concern about the quality of the courses and that WVU has many resources for students, including amazing access to the online library.

“WVU online is not just a set of online courses like many others that are offered. These are actual, faculty-driven, rigorous and quality courses that allow for the flexibility, but do not compromise in quality of student experience.”

Q & A

1. Biggest Challenge

"Time management is extremely important. We cannot assume that an online course will be any less rigorous than a regular course."

2. How Online Learning Prepared Him for the Future

"The experience was enriching and working with well-trained faculty allowed me to experience several different strategies for online course delivery and assessment."

3. His “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Time management, research ability, and self-discipline."

4. WVU Campus Resources He Found Helpful

"The WVU Libraries and the Graduate Student Office."

5. Things He Didn’t Expect

"The quality of the coursework, especially the expected rigor, access to instructors and resources, and good course design."

6. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"As a faculty in higher education myself, my experience with WVU Online courses convinced me that a very high-quality education can be offered in an online format. One thing that sticks with me is how accessible my instructors were when I needed assistance. It did not feel any different from being in a physical classroom."

7. One Word to Describe His Degree Program


8. One Word to Describe WVU Online


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