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WVU Online Student Testimonial - Supraja Guppi

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M.S. in Population Health

Balance work and family life without any hurdles

Supraja Guppi

"The professors are available almost all the time to help those in need."

Supraja Guppi with her family at graduation.

Supraja Guppi with her kids in a park.


Supraja Guppi chose WVU Online because she is planning a career advancement by pursuing health-related courses. She had already completed a master’s degree in biochemistry when she found out about the new MS in Population Health degree program.

"I heard that professors who teach in the new Population Health MS degree program are excellent at teaching and helping students," she says.

Supraja has been a resident of Morgantown for more than 15 years, where she works full-time at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). She was looking for a program where she could balance her work and family life without any hurdles.

"I was nervous initially, but the professors were available almost all the time to help those in need," she says.
"They are flexible for one-on-one sessions to clarify any doubts about the material posted online. The lectures posted are very clear to understand, and you can access them 24/7 and go through them as many times as you want. Students have enough time for quizzes, homework, and exams."

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What advice would you give to other students?

"WVU online curriculum is laid out in such a way as to handle it with minimal extra effort."

Why would you recommend WVU Online?

"Professors are helpful and give suggestions to improve grades at any time during the semester. Students even get extra credit in some courses, which is very helpful in getting good grades."

What was the most memorable part of your online experience?

"WVU online gave me good insight into focusing on social determinants of health and thinking from a systems perspective, starting from the communities around us."
"It also helped me build leadership and project management skills and learn to troubleshoot issues more systematically. Epidemiology concepts help me to understand the causes of adverse health outcomes vs. exposures in populations."

What are your future plans?

"A Population Health degree broadened my skills and supported my career growth at NIOSH. It is a broad area I can apply to many things in my research and also my values, such as reducing health care disparities and social justice."

What is one word to describe WVU Online?


What does Mountaineers Go First mean to you?

"I am proud to be a Mountaineer and WVU Alumna. I am a first-generation graduate student with an MS in Population Health, and I believe I am the first female with an MS in Population Health degree from WVU Online."

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