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Scott Branham

Scott Branham

Business Data Analytics M.S.

Scott chose WVU Online’s Business Data Analytics (BUDA) program because he wanted to expand his technical skills in his job at Honeywell and to continue working as a program manager while obtaining a new knowledge base.

“Not once did I feel alone, isolated, or like I could not ask for help. If anything, I felt even more connected.”

Scott in Washington DC.

Scott with his parents in a church.

Scott on a golf course.

Scott in a wine cellar.


“I looked at several schools that offered data analytic postgraduate programs, but WVU’s BUDA program had the right balance of technical and business curriculum, as well as a very competitive cost structure, that I felt made it the best option on the market.”

His cohort was placed in groups at orientation and they remained in those groups for the majority of the program.

“From the very beginning of our curriculum, I was able to connect with my classmates on their careers, aspirations after BUDA, and understanding of how they solved problems that our course materials presented.”

He encourages other students to take online classes, specifically those that are offered in an asynchronous learning environment, because this provides a different challenge than in-person instruction, or synchronous learning (logging into a lecture every week at the same time).

“The student has to understand the proper application of what is learned. It is the application of what is learned that makes the real difference in the workplace and learning those skills via online coursework is the best way to do it.”

Q & A

1. Biggest Challenge

"Keeping a consistent rhythm when I focused on my coursework. I learned that doing some schoolwork more often was a better strategy for me than trying to disrupt the rhythm of work and life by trying to cram all the material in a night or two per week."

2. How Online Learning Prepared Him for the Future

"As I took on the challenge of obtaining my master’s degree in my late 30s, I quickly learned that I cannot stay up until 1 a.m. every night poring over charts or reading chapters. Instead, I learned to break the work into manageable pieces and work at the times when I am the most focused and energized. This also changed the way I approach my roles at work and in everyday life."

3. His “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Technical writing improved; enhanced ability to summarize complex outcomes to make important business decisions; increased ability to focus deeply on new, challenging concepts."

4. WVU Campus Resources He Found Helpful

"The Center for Career Development was helpful to build my understanding of what jobs and companies were interested in data science professionals."

5. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"Seeing the human side of classmates and professors made the entire online experience more enriching. Everybody had interruptions from time to time, which always lightened the mood of a class or in trying to understand difficult course material."

6. Things He Didn’t Expect

"In the few instances where many of us struggled to grasp a new concept, professors noticed our challenges and had the wisdom to adjust how or what material they put in front of us to ensure that nobody was left behind as we tackled more complex concepts in future classes."

7. One Word to Describe His Degree Program


8. One Word to Describe WVU Online


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