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Malori Meyer

Malori Meyer

Business Data Analytics M.S.

Malori lives in Texas and wanted a fully remote degree that would allow her to maintain her job, as well as study to become a data scientist.

“Online classes provide so much flexibility during a time like this when you really need it.”


Malori describes her choice of the WVU Online Business Data Analytics M.S. program as:

“A no brainer. It was 100% online, as well as being the most thorough degree plan of all the programs I researched.”

For her, the most important thing about taking online classes was the flexibility.

“With the technology that is around today, there are more opportunities for taking classes than only face-to-face. One of the great things about taking WVU Online classes is that the sessions are recorded to watch and play back later, for deeper understanding. If I was face-to-face in a class and taking notes, I wouldn’t absorb nearly as much of the material."

“The course material is easier, in my opinion, because you can re-watch the lessons.”

She says one of the best parts of her online class experience was connecting with other students—and also the faculty—and then being able to meet them all in person when she graduated.

“We were able to connect as we worked together on online group projects, and we learned from each other.”

Q & A

1. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"The teams that we formed in the beginning stayed the same through the duration of the program. The faculty researched our resumes and put together teams with members from different industries, and with different skills. This meant our teams were geared for success and we really learned how to collaborate."

2. Biggest Challenge

"Some students find it hard to stay on top of coursework, since there are no attendance mandates, but the self-discipline involved in taking online classes later helped me to be a better virtual employee."

3. Things She Didn’t Expect

"Being able to connect with others so easily and also technology that was very easy to use."

4. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future

"It definitely prepared me to work from home long term during COVID-19. My company has announced we will be working from home for over a year."

5. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Self-motivation, balancing working from home, and organizational skills."

6. One Word to Describe Her Degree Program

"Woth it!"

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