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Kimberly Locy

Kimberly Locy

Instructional Design and Technology M.A.

Kimberly chose WVU Online because she had previously attended WVU for both her bachelor's degree and a master's degree in social work, so she already know that the Mountaineer academic programs are exceptional.

“Online courses take a lot of personal accountability, self-management, and active engagement, and you truly get out of it what you put into it.”

Kimberly at Douglas Falls.

Kimberly at Seneca Rocks.

Kimberly at Coopers Rock.


“I also needed a program that was flexible with my work schedule, yet of high quality, with faculty that possess experience in the field and who are responsive to students.”

“I determined that the M.A. in Instructional Design and Technology was the perfect fit for me because it was the degree I needed to reach my career goals, and it is also 100% online.”

Kimberly was happy that the professors were available to answer questions or explain lessons in more detail through email, phone, and Zoom almost any time she needed assistance.

“But I think with online courses, you, as a student, have to actively engage yourself. Even though you are not face-to-face, it is important to be an active student. Read all information provided, watch all the videos, interact with students in your classes, pay attention to details, and ask questions."

“Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you can’t be where you want to be. Taking courses online allows you to continue to work toward your career goals even when that curve ball comes flying across your plate.”

Q & A

1. Biggest Challenge

"I enjoy socializing with people. Not having that interpersonal connection with my classmates was a challenge at first, but I soon realized that technology can be used to have those same conversations and interactions."

2. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future

"We live in a world that is quickly transitioning to virtual formats. Having courses that encourage students to interact via video conferencing and chat forums is the perfect preparation for our future workforce."

3. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Video conferencing; proofreading responses before posting to be sure my thoughts and ideas are easy to understand; and asking for additional resources to help explain concepts that are not clear to me."

4. WVU Campus Resources She Found Helpful

"Other than WVU eCampus and my student portal, I used Mountaineer Hub services and library services. These are easy to use, responsive, and informative."

5. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"I enjoyed hearing from other students and the instructor in the weekly discussions board. Class participation seemed more detailed in an online format as compared to in-person. In a face-to-face class, some students are intimidated by speaking to the entire class. I also enjoyed group projects via Zoom."

6. Things She Didn’t Expect

"That it would be such a positive experience. I feel like it was exceptional. I was not disappointed."

6. Things She Didn’t Expect

"That it would be such a positive experience. I feel like it was exceptional. I was not disappointed."

8. One Word to Describe WVU Online


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