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WVU Online Student Testimonial - John DeCarlo

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Masters of Science in Software Engineering

Expand your skillset

John DeCarlo

"Every day I rely on the teachings and tools provided from the WVU MSSE program to lead and find ways for success."

John DeCarlo with his wife and son.

John DeCarlo in his graduation gown holding his cap on a snowy day.

John DeCarlo holding his son in front of the Capital building.


Reaching new heights

John DeCarlo was recently promoted to a leadership role at one of the top financial institutions in the country. This was a big milestone in his career, and he feels deep gratitude for his master’s degree in Software Engineering from WVU Online:

"It offered an extensive curriculum to expand my skillset, grow as a leader, and build my confidence; All at a flexible pace that was complimentary to working full-time in my career."
"Every day I rely on the teachings and tools provided from the WVU MSSE program to lead and find ways for success."

Finding success in a landscape of unknowns

"I frequently reflect on Dale’s teachings of 'complex systems' and employ the many strategies we learned to find success in a landscape of unknowns. Knowing how one can achieve lasting changes within a team or organization has been a light-bulb moment in my career, reshaping my entire approach to problem solving."

Memorable experiences and people

"I especially enjoyed all the learnings that Dale Dzielski shared in his class, and the genuine personal connection he brought to each lesson. He was such a positive influence in my life (as were many other WVU professors) and I hope to carry that forward as a leader."
"The faculty were extremely knowledgeable, yet all mixed in their personalities to each lesson, making each class feel personal, collaborative, and fun."
"A big thank you to Dale and my other professors at WVU Online for being role models, I plan to keep in touch!"

q & a

What is your advice to other students?

"Take time to make a personal connection with your peers and professors! Foster a culture to inspire and support each other throughout your education. Build your network and keep in touch!"

Why would you recommend WVU Online?

"For those interested in an online education format, WVU provided a top-notch experience. Despite being in a virtual format, all the courses were highly collaborative and personal."

What was the best part of your online experience?

"I am amazed at the incredible breadth of topics that the MSSE curriculum covered. It provided me with so many diverse tools that I regularly utilize to experiment and find success in my career."

What are your future plans?

"To keep learning, growing, and striving to reach my potential -- all while elevating those around me to achieve success."

What does "Mountaineers Go First" mean to you?

"Discover your strengths and use them to build your unique path to success!"

What is one word to describe the program?

"Pivotal – It has completely changed the trajectory of my career."

What is one word to describe WVU Online?

"Advantageous – It was a learning format that complimented my life and career needs."

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