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WVU Online Student Testimonial - Hannah Booth

Hannah Booth profile.

Digital Marketing Communications M.S.

Don't wait for the future

Hannah Booth

"There are people of all ages and from all over the world in my classes."

Hannah Booth with her husband and baby at a WVU football game.


As a previous WVU graduate and a current WVU employee, Hannah found that WVU Online was a natural fit when it was time to get her master’s degree.

"It allowed me the flexibility I need to maintain my role at WVU Extension and pursue my degree at the same time."
"I had some reservations, since I only had a few online classes while completing my undergraduate degree, but the structure and resources WVU Online provides have made the transition so smooth."

She found that WVU Online provides all the resources and support that she was used to at WVU, but with the flexibility and customization that a student might not receive in a traditional on-campus program.

"The best part of WVU Online is I don't even have to wait for the future. I'm already using what I'm learning in my role at WVU Extension."
"After completing my degree, I know having the knowledge and skills I've acquired will help me to grow as a professional and become a better leader in my field."

q & a

What is your advice to other students?

"Jump right in!"

Why would you recommend WVU Online?

"It's the best of both worlds, especially if you're busy or already employed."

What is the most memorable part of your online experience?

"Getting to interact with faculty and other students in a way that is only possible because we're learning online."

What does "Mountaineers Go First" mean to you?

"We work hard to be our best selves, uncovering new frontiers every day."

What are your future plans?

"I don’t have to wait for the future. I can use it now."

What is one word to describe the program?


What is one word to describe WVU Online?


WVU Online

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