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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis

M.S. Software Engineering

Danielle Lewis profile.

Danielle researched online software engineering degree programs and found that WVU Online’s Master of Science in Software Engineering had a very good rating.

“The faculty do a great job with engaging students in their courses, and they are always there to answer questions or help.”


Danielle Lewis researched online software engineering degree programs and found that WVU Online’s Master of Science in Software Engineering had a very good rating.

“My biggest deciding factor was that the program is 100% online, since I have worked full-time the entire time I have been in graduate school."

Danielle felt connected to her peers with the very first class she took, which was SENG 510 Software Project Management. Professor Larry Jacowitz (known as “Dr. J”) assigned a group project at the end of that course, and the group she was in worked so well together that they continued to work together in other courses.

“Most of the courses require some type of discussion posts, and after you reply to these posts for 15 weeks over a few semesters, you really connect with your peers.”

“It is a positive learning environment with a lot of collaboration, while still allowing students the freedom to complete the work as their time allows. It was very flexible to incorporate into my life, and it definitely enabled me to learn and grow.”

Q & A

1. Biggest Challenge

"My biggest challenge was learning how to speak and engage in class, because I have always been quiet. But I un-muted myself and I mainly used the chat to type in comments."

2. Things She Didn’t Expect

"Honestly, I did not expect it to feel as open and trusting as it is. It was a breath of fresh air. Any timed exams or quizzes I had at WVU Online gave me enough time to confidently complete them utilizing class resources."

3. How Online Learning Prepared Her for the Future

"Online learning allowed me to learn to discipline myself and that discipline is what allowed me to easily adapt to remote working a year ago. I also learned how to self-organize and create my own schedule to get things done. I think I gained a greater ability to work independently, while still having the ability to get support from faculty and peers."

4. Her “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Focusing on my work, managing my time, and prioritizing my tasks."

5. WVU Campus Resources She Found Helpful

"The best resource was the webpage for the MSSE program, where I could find when courses were offered, their syllabuses, and other program requirements. What information I did not find there, the faculty and student services always answered."

6. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"The most memorable part of my online class experience is some of the group work. After you work with members in your group for a while, the group becomes fun and relaxed."

7. One Word to Describe Her Degree Program


8. One Word to Describe WVU Online


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