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Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter

Higher Education Administration M.A.

Chris Carpenter profile.

Chris chose WVU Online because it allows him to continue to work full time and it was reasonably priced. Also, in the event he wants or needs to visit Morgantown, the trip is not too far from his home in Central Virginia.

“I had no idea I was becoming a part of such an inclusive university. The instruction is first class and I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful that I am a student at WVU.”


“I wanted to get a degree in higher education and WVU’s program was 100% online. I also wanted a degree from a large public university, and West Virginia fit well.”

Chris’s advice to other online students is to create a schedule for yourself that puts you ahead, so that there will be little stress if technology issues occur while working online.

He also recommends reaching out to your professors as soon as possible to establish a line of communication.

“I did not experience a feeling of lack of engagement. The professors are exceptional with feedback and being available for discussions. However, I believe it is the student’s job to create more engagement. Reach out to your professors early. If professors have online office hours, drop in even if you are doing fine in the course."

“I can’t stress enough that communication is key in online learning. It is your way to connect to instructors, classmates, and the institution.”

Q & A

1. Biggest Challenge

"The coursework, but it is supposed to be challenging, or else it is not worth doing. The professors did a wonderful job creating online course materials."

2. How Online Learning Prepared Him for the Future

"Online learning is not going away. I have experience in online learning, but as an instructor. I am experiencing it on the other side now. Experiencing online learning from a student perspective will improve my online teaching skills."

3. His “Big Three” Things Learned from Online Classes

"Independent learning, efficient learning, and time management."

4. WVU Campus Resources He Found Helpful

"The online library was wonderful. I had trouble finding a title and someone helped me find it through the live chat. Also, I have spoken to individuals concerning payments and health insurance and everyone has been pleasant, patient, and helpful."

5. Most Memorable Online Class Experience

"An assignment for one course was a faculty interview. I absolutely enjoyed listening to my professor’s story and the advice he offered. I also enjoyed communicating with classmates. In an online learning environment, communication is absolutely vital."

6. Things He Didn’t Expect

"My faculty advisor is great. He was very helpful in helping start my program this summer instead of waiting until the fall."

7. One Word to Describe His Degree Program

"Community: I feel everyone wants to help and push us towards our goals and extend them beyond what we expect."

8. One Word to Describe WVU Online

"Available: WVU makes an honest effort to help online students feel part of the University."

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