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WVU Online Student Testimonial - Ashton Frame

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Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

Put your knowledge into action

Ashton Frame

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my degree and am excited to put my knowledge into action!"

Ashton Frame with her family at an airport.

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Ashton Frame chose WVU online because of its flexibility and also because it would provide her with not only an excellent degree, but the ability to spend more time with her loved ones.

"I would definitely recommend WVU online to other students," she says. "You are able to complete the work at whatever time works for your schedule. There also aren’t the pressures of college life and you aren’t worrying about dorms or making it to class, or if you are non-traditional and so on."

But while there are usually no in-person classes, Ashton says that doesn’t mean the classes are any easier.

"There is actually a lot of work thrown at you all at once," she says. "It can be extremely overwhelming. However, taking an hour or so to just write down all your work for the week and planning it throughout the week according to the due dates can be a great help with staying on track."

She says this type of learning enables individuals from all over, of all ages, to receive an excellent education and her degree program has continued to inspire her more and more each semester.

"I’ve always wanted to help and teach young children and this degree and all the knowledge I’m learning has only fueled that desire."
"I am excited to put my knowledge into action!"

q & a

What is your advice to other students?

"Be organized and to plan."

Why would you recommend WVU Online?

"Online learning is extremely flexible and less stressful."

What was the best part of your online experience?

"I am able to complete my work wherever and whenever I want, as long as I complete the assignments according to the due dates."

What are your future plans?

"I want to plan, design and open my own daycare center."

What does "Mountaineers Go First" mean to you?

"As students at WVU we go first, we go beyond what is asked and required of us to succeed."

What is one word to describe the program?


What is one word to describe WVU Online?


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