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WVU Online Student Testimonial - Anita May

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RBA with General Business Minor

Non-traditional students can complete their degree at their own pace

Anita May

"I really love doing schoolwork on my schedule since I work full-time."

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Anita May chose to enter the WVU Online Regents Bachelor of Arts program because she already had previous college credits with WVU and this program allows non-traditional students to complete the degree at their own pace.

They can also, if eligible, acquire college credit for professional, volunteer, and military experiences.

"So far I love it," she says. "I'm in my first course, but I really love doing schoolwork on MY schedule since I work full-time."
"I’m also an old lady and I don't need all the drama from youngsters that I remember from my former classroom days!"

Anita recommends WVU Online to other students because it gives you so many options and the support from advisor and instructors is amazing.

She hopes to use her RBA degree to gain a job promotion and a higher salary before she retires.

q & a

Why would you recommend WVU Online?

"Options, options.."

What was the best part of your online experience?

"So far, amazing support from my advisor and instructors."

What are your future plans?

"Diploma to facilitate job promotions for a "high five" salary before retirement."

What is one word to describe the program?

"Perfect (if you started but never finished your degree)."

What is one word to describe WVU Online?

"Perfect (for adults)."

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