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WVU Online Student Testimonial - Alyssa Hansrote

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Integrated Marketing Communications M.S.

So many new learning opportunities

Alyssa Hansrote

"I know that if I ever need advice I can reach out to one of my WVU Online professors and they will be there to mentor me."

Alyssa Hansrote in her graduation gown.

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Alyssa Hansrote holding a "Master's" sign.

"Network with peers and professors from all over the United States"

Alyssa Hansrote chose WVU Online because it gave her the opportunity to get hands-on experience in her workplace while also being able to learn and network in the virtual classroom with her peers.

"The Integrated Marketing Communications program gave me the confidence, skills, and knowledge that I now apply to my current PR and Communications position," she said.
"I know that if I ever need advice that I can reach out to one of my WVU Online professors and they will be there to mentor me."

She says her online courses coordinated very well with her personal life.

"I was able to fit my personal life around my school schedule very well."

The most useful skills she learned were definitely communication skills and being able to write and articulate her thoughts effectively.

"WVU Online gives you so many new learning opportunities, as well as being able to network with peers and professors from all over the United States."

q & a

Her career

"I’ve had far more opportunities in the job force after receiving my master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications through WVU Online."

Her course schedule

"It was perfect work-life balance for me."

Stays connected to WVU

"I mainly stay connected with my online classmates and professors through Facebook and LinkedIn."

Most useful skills

"I did a lot of writing in my graduate grogram and it definitely paid off because it gave me the writing skills I have now."

Thoughts about online study

"I would 100% recommend online college to anyone. It’s the perfect work-school balance for anyone who works full-time."

Since graduating

"In July I accepted a PR and Communications Coordinator position at The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind."

Employer support

"My former employer that I was with during my time in the IMC program gave me flexible hours to be able to work, but also gave me the time to focus on my studies."

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