Success is as individual as our students

No matter your goals or your schedule, at WVU Online you can fit our programs around your life and career goals. Meet some of the students who have already taken that next step toward their future by earning a degree from WVU Online.

Alexis Wable

Alexis Wable

M.S. in Business Data Analytics

“Online classes are no different from in-person classes in the amount of effort and hard work you should put into them.”

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Malori Meyer profile

Malori Meyer

Business Data Analytics M.S.

“Online classes provide so much flexibility during a time like this when you really need it.”

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Scott Branham profile picture

Scott Branham

M.S. in Business Data Analytics

“Not once did I feel alone, isolated, or like I could not ask for help. If anything, I felt even more connected.”

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Allyson Whorton Varlas profile

Allyson Whorton Varlas

Literacy Education M.A.

“If you are a night owl, you can complete your work at night; if you are an early bird, that will work for you as well.”

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Chris Morlock profile.

Chris Morlock

M.A. Music Industry / M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

“In the Music Industry program, I was able to do 2-1/2 weeks of assignments in advance, which allowed me to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the WVU Marching Band!”

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Chris Carpenter Profile

Chris Carpenter

Higher Education Administration M.A.

“I had no idea I was becoming a part of such an inclusive university. The instruction is first class and I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful that I am a student at WVU.”

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Brandy Boehke profile.

Brandy Boehke

Literacy Education M.A.

“I had the flexibility of working from home, while still being able to actively engage with faculty and peers.”

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Kimberly Locy Profile.

Kimberly Locy

Instructional Design and Technology M.A.

“Online courses take a lot of personal accountability, self-management, and active engagement, and you truly get out of it what you put into it.”

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Vijay Raol profile

Vijay Raol

PhD in Instructional Design and Technology

“I found the instructors to be very responsive and the coursework was rigorous and of high quality.”

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Alexandra Ashworth profile.

Alexandra Ashworth

B.S. in Child Development & Family Studies

“Not only did the faculty promote confidence in my learning, but they pushed me to be the best version of myself that I could be.”

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Blair Shea profile.

Blair Shea

B.S. in Business Administration: General Business

“The professors really care and are always there to help when needed.”

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Jill Lenihan profile.

Jill Lenihan

B.S. in Child Development and Family Studies

“I was very engaged. I still have connections with my professors, even the one from my very first class.”

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Nancy Mullens profile

Nancy Mullens

Instructional Design and Technology M.A.

“Online learning has made me a better and more efficient teacher and has helped me to better understand how to teach online courses.”

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Angie Milliren profile.

Angie Milliren

Instructional Design and Technology Ed.D

“This experience has pushed me to grow as a learner and the information that I have gleaned from my classes has prepared me for an exciting future. I am a Mountaineer for life!”

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Steve Robertson

Steve Robertson

Sport Management M.S.

“Everybody knows West Virginia. There’s a great alumni network and great vibes and I want to be part of that.”

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Danielle Lewis Profile

Danielle Lewis

M.S. Software Engineering

“The faculty do a great job with engaging students in their courses, and they are always there to answer questions or help.”

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Tiffany Knight, WVU Online student, Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

Tiffany Knight

Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

“Taking online classes is the best thing in the world, because you can do the work in your own time.”

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Brian Collins profile.

Brian Collins

M.S. in Software Engineering

“In a post COVID-19 world, graduates of online degree programs already have the skills needed for a full-time remote work environment.”

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