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WVU Online Faculty Testimonial - JuHyeong Ryu

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, Teaching Assistant Professor

Delivering content effectively through digital platforms

JuHyeong Ryu

"To adapt to the changing landscape of education, I leverage advanced web-based tools in online classes, tailoring learning experiences to individual students' needs and progress."

JuHyeong Ryu rock climbing.

JuHyeong Ryu in his military fatigues.

JuHyeong Ryu with friends watching a sunset at the top of a mountain.

Valuable Insights and Strategies

JuHyeong Ryu entered the field of safety engineering and management because he was driven by a strong desire to enhance worker safety, health, and productivity.

"Combining my background in architectural and civil engineering, I have developed a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on sustainability and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like human motion sensing, artificial intelligence, biomechanical analysis, and automated work systems," he says.
"Despite the challenges, I'm proud to have made a meaningful contribution to improving occupational safety in various industries."

His teaching approach is centered on facilitating meaningful and engaging online learning experiences.

"I am proficient in delivering content effectively through digital platforms, ensuring that students remain actively involved in the online classroom."
"My experiences as a research advisor, particularly in the online PhD in Occupational Safety and Health program, have equipped me with valuable insights and strategies to enhance the online education environment."
"I place a strong emphasis on personalized feedback and engagement, ensuring that students have the resources they need to excel in their academic journey."

q & a

What technology do you use in the classroom?

"I use eCampus as our primary platform for content delivery and as a communication hub with students. Given the unique blend of professional and academic students in our Safety Management Program, I also place significant emphasis on the Discussion Board. This allows everyone to share their individual opinions and insights, fostering a harmonious environment that cultivates synergy among diverse perspectives."

How do you mentor students?

"Throughout my career, mentoring has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional journey. From my experiences teaching high school students during a student teaching practicum to leading troops as a platoon leader in the Republic of Korea Army Engineering, I have had the privilege of mentoring and being influenced by individuals with diverse backgrounds."
"These collective experiences have not only shaped my teaching approach but have also equipped me to guide safety management students with a blend of academic and practical perspectives."

What is the difference between online teaching vs on-campus?

"Since the rapid shift to online classes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of instructors has transformed from knowledge delivery to knowledge sharing and collaborative learning facilitation."
"Coaching and mentorship have gained prominence over traditional teaching methods. Similarly, students have transitioned from passive recipients to active participants in their own education."

What is the key to student success in your classes?

"The key to student success in my classes lies in fostering an environment where active learning, critical thinking, and collaboration are encouraged."
"I believe in providing clear guidance and support, while also challenging students to think independently and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios."

Inside WVU

JuHyeong Ryu is director of the The Human-Centered Intelligent Systems (HCIS) Lab, which focuses on interdisciplinary research efforts in human motion sensing, artificial intelligence, biomechanical analysis, and automated work systems research for improved human and systems performance.

Outside WVU

His research interests center around human-centered intelligent management systems to maximize occupational performance by minimizing the level of human efforts utilizing emerging technologies such as wearable sensors, IoT, AI, Robotics, and Mixed Reality.

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