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WVU Online Faculty Testimonial - Joshua Swiger

Joshua Swiger profile.

Teaching Assistant Professor, Music Business and Industry

Music and the arts are what move us forward

Joshua Swiger

"Music is part of our DNA and if I can help the next generation of musicians succeed then my calling has been answered."

Joshua Swiger teaching in front of a classroom.

Joshua Swiger in a music studio.

Joshua Swiger teaching in front of a classroom.

WVU School of Music

Joshua Swiger has a passion for music and the success of the arts.

"Music and the arts are what move us forward as a society," he says. "I love to see the passion of the musicians on stage and the experience the audience is having. It transcends our soul."

Seeing musicians being successful, working and living daily in their field is what motivates him to be a teacher.

"My teaching style is real, practical and applicable," he says. "I provide the knowledge and then have students apply that in real-world scenarios. My goal is for the student to have experience working in the profession now, not after they graduate."
"My students teach me as much as I teach them," he says. "We educate each other. The music industry moves at the speed of light, so we have to stay current, day by day."

He says it is important to treat online learning with as much energy as on-campus learning.

"I have course check-ins online that give us time, as a class, to catch up and see how everyone is doing, and to provide some insight on upcoming course material."

q & a

What technology do you utilize in the classroom?

"Zoom is very good for online. I use that quite a bit. I also have plenty of videos and interactive items in my online course. I know that some students react and learn better via visual learning over just reading. We have to keep them engaged and active."

About Mentoring

"I have mentored a lot of students in their class work and professional experience. I find it very fulfilling to see a student succeed and know that I was the person who encouraged them to be great."

About Online Learning

"Online teaching can be just as personal as on-campus. I value online discussion posts because that is where I hear from my students and have an opportunity to engage with them and provide valuable knowledge."

Keys to Student Success

"The key to success is to be professional. Meet your deadlines, and turn in the best work you can. When you don't understand something, contact me. I'll explain it to you in 30 different ways if I have to. Personal organization is also a key part of student success. If I can teach that, along with the course material, then you are on the right path for all of your work."

Inside WVU

Joshua is a producer, engineer and performer, who is active in the national and regional music scene. His experience of more than 25 years helps his WVU students learn about record label management, recording engineering, and live event production and management.

Outside WVU

Joshua has owned and operated Blues Alley Studios & Records since 1993. His studio work as an engineer and producer has allowed him to collaborate with The Walt Disney Company, The New Relics, The Argument, The Joseph Sisters, WVU, Huey Mac and other regional and national artists.

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