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WVU Online Faculty Testimonial - James Wyant

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College of Applied Human Sciences, Assistant Professor Coaching and Teaching Studies

There's value in being supportive, empathetic, and patient

James D. Wyant

"Possessing the "heart of a teacher" requires my students to understand the needs of those they teach in the K-12 setting and to find ways to inspire and reach those they serve in the school setting."

James Wyant with his wife.

James Wyant with his family.

Finding an enriching experience

James Wyant decided to pursue a career in teaching because he finds it a very enriching experience to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

"I value the teacher’s role as positive change agents in schools and communities," he says. "Now, as a faculty member, my primary responsibility is to help prepare the next generation of educators."
"In addition, the opportunity to teach and research issues related to teaching allows me to contribute positively to the betterment of the field."

As a faculty member, he says, one of his fundamental responsibilities is to train future teachers.

"I take this responsibility seriously because teachers are critical to society. Therefore, in my classes, I always tout the importance of possessing ‘the heart of a teacher.’"
"In working with future teachers, I help them see the value of being supportive, empathetic, and patient with K-12 students. To this end, possessing a heart of a teacher requires my students to understand the needs of those they teach in the K-12 setting and to find ways to inspire and reach those they serve in the school setting."

q & a

What technology do you use in the classroom?

"The use of technology to engage and connect students within my online classes is a priority. Recently, the form of technology that I have gravitated to using is Flip, a Microsoft-owned technology that helps facilitate communication and collaboration among class members."

What is your teaching style?

"I promote a student-centered pedagogy that emphasizes students' interests and seeks to promote an engaging and collaborative learning environment that fosters the growth and development of all students in my classes."

About mentoring.

"Mentoring has played a critical role in my career development as a teacher. Mentors have helped to develop my strengths, build my confidence, and helped to strengthen areas for improvement. Mentors have helped broaden my professional network and connections with other field members."

What is the difference between online teaching vs on-campus?

"Online teaching offers students more flexibility in interacting with the instructor, course materials, and peers. The other notable difference lies with interaction. In traditional, on-campus classes, the interaction between faculty and students can occur more directly and immediately. Fortunately, in the online courses I teach, I use various forms of technology to replicate the ease of interaction that so naturally occurs within traditional learning environments."

Inside WVU

James hold a PhD in Kinesiology from WVU.

Outside WVU

His expertise is in underserved youth in schools, teacher training and assessment, technology and innovation in physical education, and school-based physical activity programming.

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