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WVU Online Faculty Testimonial - Cyndi Greenglass

Cyndi Greenglass profile image.

Online Instructor, Data Marketing Communications

Exploring topics in detail

Cyndi Greenglass

"My goal is to have the students learn as much from each other as they do from me."

Cyndi Greenglass at the Integrate Conference.

Cyndi Greenglass taking a selphy with a group of coworkers.

Cyndi Greenglass receiving an award.

Reed College of Media

Cyndi Greenglass is passionate about using data to make good business decisions and to help marketers understand their audiences.

"At the time I entered the field, there were few professionals focused on data-informed marketing communications and I really wanted to make an impact in the field."

In her classes, she doesn’t want students to be intimidated by the data or the math, but instead, to understand and respect it.

"My goal is to have the students learn as much from each other as they do from me," she says. "Our online discussions allow me to help them explore a topic in detail with humor and curiosity, while they share their personal experiences and question assumptions."

She is happy to find that her students are super engaged online, share their personal journeys, and really get to know each other through active engagement.

"Everyone is vested in each other's success," she says. "So, I encourage students to be active in the discussions and make connections with their peers and fellow classmates. I also make myself available anytime to offer insights or encouragement."
"I love the WVU Online experience!"

q & a

What technology do you utilize in the classroom?

"We have fantastic tools through the eCampus system that allow for synchronous and asynchronous communications. I use Voice Thread, record audio feedback, and provide video feedback to assignments. I also invite guests to discuss their personal and professional journeys during the term using Zoom."

What is your teaching style?

"I am very collaborative and approachable."

About Mentoring

"I have had mentors from many different countries over the years who gave me a broad world view, and from both major corporations and startups who helped me become a stronger business leader."

What is the difference between online vs on-campus teaching?

"It is much easier to balance your professional, personal, and academic life with the way the courses are laid out online."

What are the keys to student success?

"You need to be very organized and have good time management – stay focused and work at it consistently and you will do just fine!"

Inside WVU

Cyndi helped develop the Data Marketing Communications program in the Reed College of Media. Currently, she co-hosts a podcast series entitled Marketing Horizons sponsored by the College.

Outside WVU

She is a founding partner and president at Livingston Strategies, a data-informed, strategic consulting firm that helps clients develop, execute, and measure their customer communications with a close focus on results. She has taught and trained marketers throughout the world.

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