Learn from Masters in their Fields

There are more than 500 faculty members serving as research professors, clinical professors, lecturers, professors of practice and instructors at WVU Online that want to see you succeed. Our diverse faculty members have worked for companies such as Proctor & Gamble and organizations like the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service and the World Wildlife Fund. 

Meet some of our faculty stars.

Suzanne Kitchen profile

Suzanne Kitchen

Teaching Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Management and Industrial Relations

Suzanne Gosden Kitchen had a career in Human Resources prior to becoming a university professor and that experience adds depth and flavor to concepts students will study in her Business Management courses.

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Kristin Moilanen profile

Kristin Moilanen

Associate Professor, Counseling and Learning Services

Kristin Moilanen was always fascinated by questions about individual development and why people turn out the way they do.

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Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova profile.

Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova

Professor and Academic Coordinator

Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova is excited to be teaching in the rapidly changing world of software engineering and computer science.

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Ashley Martucci Profile

Ashley Martucci

Service Assistant Professor and Online Program Coordinator

Ashley Martucci wants all students to be excited about education – to find their passion, explore it, and to be supported on their journey. These are the reasons she went into teaching.

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Aimee Morewood Profile Picture

Aimee Morewood

Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, Literacy Studies

Aimee Morewood always knew she wanted to be a teacher after, as un undergraduate, she was able to work in schools with teachers and really gain some valuable experience in the field.

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William Beasley Profile

William Beasley

Professor, Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences

William Beasley is an “early adopter” by nature. He started out as a public school teacher, and quickly discovered that he enjoyed teaching both with technology and about technology.

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Amy Root Profile

Amy Root

Professor and Chair, Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences

Amy Root began her undergraduate studies in zoology, but then took a psychology class, really enjoyed it, and ended up switching her major to psychology in her sophomore year.

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Jake Follmer

Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences

Jake Follmer became interested in educational psychology, in part, because he wanted to be able to contribute to research that improves learning outcomes for learners in a variety of traditional and informal settings.

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Allison Dagen Profile

Allison Dagen

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies

Allison Dagen went into elementary education because she felt an ongoing need to learn more about the field of literacy.

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Ajay Aluri Profile

Ajay Aluri

Associate Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Ajay Aluri went into the hospitality and tourism field because he loves travel. He says it is fun working in this field and gratifying to meet the needs of customers and guests.

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Ugur Kale Profile

Ugur Kale

Associate Professor, Counseling and Learning Sciences

Ugur Kale has a background in mathematics and programming and was always interested in teaching. He found Instructional Design and Technology to be a great match for him because it focuses on practical applications of learning theory in actual learning settings, as well as on computer-based applications.

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Nike Walsh Profile

Michael Walsh

Chair and Associate Professor, Marketing

Michael Walsh spent more than 20 years working in the corporate world before making the change to working in the academic world, because he wanted to help create the next generation of marketing professionals.

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Christine Rittenour profile

Christine Rittenour

Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Christy Rittenour went into Communication Studies because this field affords her the opportunity to help people make the most of their personal exchanges – or what she calls “the potential to uplift and uphold the best in each other.”

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Brad Price profile

Brad Price

Assistant Professor, Business Data Analytics

Brad Price always loved math and technology and how the two interact. He also always loved helping people. So, when he began studying statistics and data science as a college student, he knew it was for him.

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