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Online Mountaineer: Inside the Online Classroom

WVU Online is Military Friendly

November 11, 2021

Military personnel standing in front of a fighter jet.

WVU currently serves more than 1,000 veterans, military personnel and/or their dependents who are furthering their education and has been named the 40th best college in the nation for the military and veteran community. This is a jump of 51 spots from last year, according to the latest rankings by Military Times magazine.

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Invest Time in Your Mental Health

November 4, 2021

Mental Health Graphic, woman watering a flower representing the mind.

If you're feeling depressed, anxious, or just need to talk to someone, it can be hard to know what to do. How can you get help? Where do you get help? What questions do you ask?

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What technology will I use in the WVU Online classroom?

September 30, 2021

Angie Milliren at her desk, working on her laptop.

It is vital for today’s students, whether studying online or not, to be able to use various kinds of technology to communicate with others.

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Online Roadmap Podcasts Fall 2021

August 30, 2021

ORM Podcast Blog Image

Listen every Monday from August 30 to December 6 to discover more about WVU Online. We’ll talk registration, resources, courses, benefits and more.

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First-Generation Student? You are not alone!

August 24, 2021

Brittany Belcher posing with her baby.

If you are currently a first-generation student, or thinking of becoming one, you may be feeling lost and not sure of the decisions you need to make to enter the new world of higher education. Do not worry! You are not alone.

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Strength and Inspiration for Career Changers: Tips From WVU Online Advisers

July 16, 2021

Animal and Food Sciences student John Boney meets with mentor Joel Newman, President, CEO and corporate treasurer of the American Feed Association at their headquarter offices in Arlintgon, Va.

Are you thinking it would be difficult to change your career or major right now? Think again! It is not only possible, but it is also easier than you expect. It just takes a little planning.

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High-Paying Jobs of the Future That You Can Get with an Online Degree

May 27, 2021

WVU MBA speaker in front of an audience.

Contemplating a new career? If so, your search should include not only work that you find rewarding, but also work that will reward you well for the time you spend on the job. Check out these high-paying jobs of the future that could be yours with one of our online degrees.

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Welcome to ORM!

March 16, 2021

Online Road Map Podcast Image.

Enjoy all there is to know about WVU special sessions and online courses. Think of these podcasts as easy Sunday drives with a few Aha moments along the way. It's all right here, your online road map with WVU Online. Let's go!

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Eight Skills You Learn as an Online Student That Will Add Value to Your Career Right Now

January 06, 2021

Scott Branham Headshot.

The moment you begin your journey to earning a degree online, the new skills you acquire as part of the process can add value to your resume. A recent group of WVU Online graduates say the skills they learned through taking online classes helped them significantly upgrade their careers.

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Q&A with WVU Online Executive Director Julie Thalman

October 15, 2020

Image of Morgantown on the banks of the Monongahela River.

We sat down to chat with WVU Online Executive Director Julie Thalman. Thalman has a deep knowledge of the online education landscape and shared with us what's changing for online students, in online education, and at WVU specifically.

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The Choice to Learn Online

October 05, 2020

Mel Wilson sitting a a desk working on her laptop.

What should students know before making the decision to study online? We consulted with a couple of our WVU Online advisors to find out. Knowing what you want to accomplish, connecting with the advisors on the WVU Online team, and making sure you advocate for what you need are just of few of the great tips our experts offer.

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Use of Technology in Online Learning: What Can Students Expect?

October 01, 2020

Woman at her desk working on a computer.

The educational landscape is changing. In fact, it’s always changing. However, the impact of COVID-19 made those changes happen more swiftly and more noticeably. In March 2020 all learning at WVU shifted to what our Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) calls “emergency remote teaching.” What is emergency remote teaching? How does distance education differ from emergency remote learning?

Learn More About the Use of Technology in Online Learning

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