Our students are diverse learners that come from all over the country and the globe. The one thing they have in common is the desire to continue their education and earn a degree from one of the best public universities in the country. Meet some of the students who have taken that next step toward their future by earning a degree from WVU Online.

Amy Matuga, Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Amy Matuga
“I actually started on my degree when I was younger. But then life got in the way.”


Amy Matuga has always been a nontraditional student. Crossing the stage to get her diploma last December was the last leg of a long journey for her, and she was happy to be able to share the experience with her son, Jimmy.

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Tara Turley, Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA)

Tara Turley
"I feel like this degree will make me more rounded and more valuable in the future, no matter what I do."


Working full time as an electrician and raising two pre-teen daughters, plus going to electrical apprenticeship school 20 Saturdays a year, does not leave much extra time for WVU Online student Tara Turley, yet she is determined to earn her Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Katie Sick, MS Physical Education Teacher Education

Katie Sick
"That’s my goal in life, really—to be a more effective teacher."


A go-getter and a hands-on kind of person. This is how Katie Sick describes herself. Katie grew up in an active family and is super busy as a physical education teacher, health and fitness coach, weight room coach and cross country coach in Muncy, Pennsylvania. But her most important goal in life is to be a more effective teacher.

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Steve Robertson, Sport Management M.S.

Steve Robertson
"Everybody knows West Virginia. There’s a great alumni network and great vibes and I want to be part of that."


Steve Robertson has his future planned out, and he chose WVU’s online Sport Management program to help him get to a Power 5 conference. WVU’s program is one of the most recognized programs in the world, and comes with an extensive alumni network, and that is something Steve had to be part of.

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Howard Bugg, WVU Online Business Data Analytics

Howard Bugg
"My classes focus a lot on the storytelling aspect of data analytics which is something that I think is very innovative."


Analyze. Innovate. Accelerate. These are three words that Howard Bugg, WVU Online Business Data Analytics student, knows a lot about. The 34-year-old Maryland native has been living in Morgantown, West Virginia for the last 13 years and in that time, he has accomplished more than most people hope to in a lifetime.

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Annie Machamer, MS Physical Education Teacher Education

Annie Machamer
"Dance is my passion and I never dreamed it would take me this far."


From the moment Annie Machamer first slipped into her ballet shoes, she was destined to become a dancer. Born into a family of dancers, her love for the art first started at the age of three. As Annie grew, so too did her love for dance and physical activity. She helped secure funding for her high school hip-hop team that was once in danger of being erased completely; and it was from that point on that Annie found her calling. She decided to study Physical Education Teacher Education as an undergraduate student and do her part to keep dance education in schools.



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Bernadette Dombrowski, Communications Specialist at the College of Creative Arts

Bernadette Dombrowski
"The students and faculty in the IMC program were very personable. I felt like I really got to know everyone in my classes and the instructors were always available to answer questions."


When you walk inside the Creative Arts Center at West Virginia University, you can almost feel the talent and inspiration that lives there. Galleries filled with original paintings, music echoing throughout the halls, and dancers practicing their pirouettes are just a few of the things you can expect to flood your senses when you go through those front doors. For most of us, a trip to the CAC is a special treat–something that we buy tickets for in advance and anticipate for several weeks or even months before we arrive.

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Chris Roth, MS Physical Education Teacher Education

Chris Roth
"One of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced is the look on a kid’s face when they learn how to ride a bike."


Chris loved sports and physical activity from the moment he was introduced to them as a child. Football, track, hiking and biking–you name it, he played it. That is why his decision to earn his Master’s in Physical Education Teacher Education from WVU Online was a no-brainer. As a physical education teacher in Greenbrier County, West Virginia for the last eight years, Chris has turned ordinary middle school PE curriculum into something extraordinary.



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Brittany Lambert, Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Brittany Lambert
"Being from such a small town, many people there don’t even get the opportunity to go to college. The fact that I have been able to earn both an undergraduate and master’s degree from WVU and experience life outside of Elkins, WV is something that I will always be grateful for."


For many, the Monongahela Building in downtown Morgantown is just a place you pass by to get to where you are going. Nestled between an outdoor retail store and a branch of Huntington Bank on bustling High Street, the building and its offices inside remain a mystery to many Morgantown-area residents.

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Madison Postlewaite, WVU's School of Pharmacy

Madison Postlewaite
"A lot of students pursuing a pharmacy degree get good grades. Many of my classmates are also in some of the same student organizations as me, so I knew earning a dual degree would help set me apart."


Madison had a love for science and math for as long as she could remember, so when she came to WVU as a freshman, she decided to major in biology and continue down that path. Four years later, she had earned her bachelor’s degree but knew in her heart she wasn’t quite done.

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