The sport and exercise psychology minor is designed to provide an overview of the principles, practices, and theories underlying the psychology and sociology of sport and related physical activity. Students are required to take five courses (15 credit hours). All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


Required Courses (6 hours):

SEP 271. Sport in American Society (online)

3 credit hours

This course provides a comprehensive analysis of common sport structures with a close view of who participates and the consequences of participation. A major emphasis is placed on the sociological phenomena that contribute to sport in North America (i.e., youth, media, politics, violence, race, gender, economy, history, etc.). In-depth discussion of the apparent positive and negative consequences of the way sport is organized in society will occur. This is a participation intensive course.


SEP 272. Psychological Perspectives in Sport (online)

3 credit hours

Explores psychological theory related to sport and exercise behavior. The goal of this course is to establish a solid foundation of knowledge regarding psychological theories and research in sport and exercise settings. Readings, lectures, and class exercises will increase student understanding of how psychological factors impact involvement, enjoyment and performance in sport and physical activity. The course will also help students acquire skills and knowledge about sport and exercise psychology that can be applied as a coach, teacher, observer, or participant.


Students must select three courses (9 credit hours) from the following:

COUN 303. Introduction to Helping Professions (online)

3 credit hours

This course will assist in evaluating students potential for a career in the helping professions. Exposure is provided to client populations served by helping professionals, along with a selection of intervention strategies used in those professions.

SEP 373. African Americans in Sport (on campus)

3 credit hours

Sociocultural and historical overview of the contributions of African- Americans in sport in America.

SEP 383. Exercise Psychology (online)

3 credit hours

Explore factors that contribute to the relationship between psychosocial factors and exercise (bi-directional). There is a focus on both theory (understanding research) and application (practicing). As such, this course requires advanced readings and requires students to learn new skills (interviewing, self-monitoring, journaling, and attempting behavior change). The personal investment in this course requires a higher level of motivation than most courses, but offers more in return as well (personal insight and skill development).

SEP 385. Social Psychology of Sport (online)

3 credit hours

A comprehensive analysis of the field of social psychology and the theories that apply to the world of sport and physical activity. Sport is a highly social environment that can have a wide and far-reaching influence upon those who participate. This course will focus upon and provide an overview of the major social factors and theories that affect those involved in sport. In-depth discussion of the interactions between the athlete, team, coach and spectators will occur. This is a participation intensive course.

SEP 425. Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury (online)

3 credit hours

Theory and research related to the psychological aspects of injury and injury rehabilitation. Topics of study include emotional responses to injury, counseling issues in injured athletes, pain management, adherence and compliance to rehabilitation, and psychosocial interventions. Case studies, research articles, and presentations will be used to explore assessment and intervention approaches relevant for sport medicine and sport psychology professionals. This is a senior level undergraduate seminar course that includes non-textbook readings that require students to analyze and summarize research.


All SEP courses except for SEP 373 will be offered online every summer term. SEP 373 will only be offered on-campus. COUN 303 will be offered online spring, summer and fall terms.


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