Web Accessibility is about making any kind of Web browsing technology accessible to all users irrespective of their abilities and disabilities. The purpose of this module is to guide you on how to make online courses accessible so that all students will have equal access to information and functionality. It is important to make your online course accessible, so as to provide equal opportunity and access to all of your students. Making a website accessible can be an easy or challenging task depending on such factors as the size of the website, the type of content, website complexity and the tools used for designing the website.

Types of Disabilities

Web accessibility covers all disabilities that affect access to any kind of Web browsing technology. These include:

  • Cognitive (dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Brain injuries, Genetic disabilities)
  • Hearing (deafness, hard of hearing)
  • Motor / Mobility (muscle control, paralysis, weakness)
  • Visual (complete lack of vision, partial vision, color-blindness)